Monday, October 15, 2012

#MotionMonday: Networking with Motion Control Distributors

A TALE OF TWO CITIES The BWC team will divide and conquer this week, with some heading to Dallas, TX, and others to Quebec City in Canada for a couple industry events that aim to strengthen relationships between manufacturers and distributors. The Power Transmission Distributor Association Summit and the Association for High Tech Distribution both host fall meetings/summits at the same time, Thursday through Friday this week. Our Vice President of Sales, Mike McVeigh, will attend the AHTD meeting while BWC President Pamela Kan will join her peers at the PTDA summit down south.

Both events report a boost in attendance over recent years, they told us. Part of that could be because of the improved economy, part of it because more people see the value of fostering a healthy supplier-distributor network.

“The industry summit continues to be the most valuable benefit for our members,” PTDA Executive Director Ann Arnott says. “Those who have attended in the past understand how much work gets done — quickly and thoroughly — in just the two-and-a-half days of the event.”

PTDA Kan said she looks forward to meeting with distributors at the PTDA's manufacturer-distributor idea exchange, a time set aside at the summit to give members a chance to meet new companies, get acquainted with new products and, well, exchange ideas.

Some of the PTDA summit attendees will participate in a golf tournament  and 144 of them will receive a handy "survival kit" we put together: a Ziploc baggy with a WD-40 pen, some duct tape and a microtool.

"Does It Move?" BWC's Special PTDA Giveaway: Use this
flow chart to decide whether you need WD40, duct tape, or a screw driver.
Among the key speakers at the PTDA summit is one of our favorites, leading technology expert Scott Klososky.

AHTD Meanwhile, during the same time, McVeigh will join AHTD members at the swanky Fairmont Le Chateau to learn more about the event's theme to "expand your borders."

“These events allow us to get closer with distributors and explore ways to help each other increase revenue, to renew past relationships and develop new ones,” McVeigh said in a statement we published this morning. “The speakers are always relevant and provide insights that initiate conversation and thought.

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