Friday, October 12, 2012

Product Spotlight: Heavy Duty Linear Slides

A few of our HepcoMotion® linear slide product offerings were built for heavy duty applications, systems that carry thousands of pounds over long lengths and require the utmost durability. In today's post, we'd like to highlight a few tough products that offer motion without limits.

HDLS These heavy duty linear slides (thus, the "HDLS" acronym) are driven by an AT style belt and come in either narrow or wide units. The narrow version is more tall than wide, which makes it more rigid. The wide, on the other hand, works better for applications with high moment loads. Both versions include right, left and dual output shafts. You could also affix gear boxes to drive two parallel systems. Shock absorbers and rubber buffers are not standard but are available upon request.

To help you visualize how this guide works, take a look at this heavy duty door handling system pictured below. This unit incorporates two angled type HDLS units, one with a geared motor and linked with a drive shaft. The lifting mechanism is suspended from a Hepco HB25 beam. [ Click any of the images to view the product pages for further info ]

(Click for larger view) HDLS in a door handling application.

HDCB This heavy duty compact beam (which we shorten to HDCB for simplicity's sake) is a versatile addition to our heavy duty product offering. The product's compact aluminum beam section can mount slides on all four corners, if needed. The HDCB can be used as a single-axis unit, but can also be made into a two-stage telescopic axis. The curved recess function allows the user to include a ball screw drive. If the application calls for it, though, this type of compact beam can be rack-driven by placing a rack on the back face of the single-edge beams. Standard carriage plates are simple to install on this unit, which comes in maximum single-piece beam lengths of 6 meters.

(Click for larger view) Cutaway line drawing of an HDCB beam.

HDCS This ball screw-actuated version of heavy duty linear beams is based on the previous HDCB with single-edge vee guides. HDCS beams come in lengths up to 2,740mm with 025mm ball screws. Easy-to-reach lubrication points on the ball screw cut maintenance time and ensure long life. For harsh environments, many users request bellow covers to protect the unit.

(Click for larger view) HDCS, a HepcoMotion ball screw-actuated heavy duty linear slide.

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