Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Watch, Read, Listen, Do: Precision Rings, Economic Forecasts and Something Worth Your Vote

The BWC team is busy this week meeting with transmission and motion technology distributors in both Canada and Texas. The Power Transmission Distributors Association meets in Dallas, TX, at the same time the Association for High Technology Distribution gathers for its annual fall meeting in Quebec. It's bound to be a productive week! To keep up with the action at PTDA, you can follow BWC President Pamela Kan on Twitter at @peekan ... or us at @BWCnews!

[ WATCH ] We launched a new video series designed to give you a quick overview of guided motion technologies — a shot of product info in 60 seconds or less. Here's the first installment, a clip about our Hepcomotion® PRT2 rotary guides, an offering of single-edge and double-edged rings, segments and slides. PRT2 is available in stainless steel, are low-friction, up to task in extreme environments and can configure into virtually any track shape. Think you can become a PRT2 expert in less than a minute? Give it a shot!

[ READ ] Since PTDA's on the brain, we've been poking around their website to find interesting articles to share. We came across this page showcasing the latest market forecast report. It's a pretty extensive study on the industrial manufacturing industry with some predictions about the next quarter. This particular report examines some of the following topics:
  • The the latest macroeconomic climate news in the U.S.
  • Growth in the Canadian economy
  • The state of end-user markets compared to the overall economy 
  • What vertical markets are on the rise/decline
  • The cyclical relationships that apply to the markets served by your company

Synchronicity and predictability are key factors to weigh when choosing an industrial control unit. So it's important for field mechanisms to have network-wide functions to activate output and capture new data, among other things. Our friends at Design World are hosting a webinar next week to explain how the distributed clock controls in EtherCAT work to fulfill all those functions. Click through to register in advance!

[ DO ] Election season has folks on both sides of the aisle brandishing conflicting ideas... But here's an election that's friendly to people from any political background. We're talking about the "Leadership in Engineering" awards by Design World in which we have a nomination for in the motion control category. If you support what we do, feel free to cast your vote to commend our 60 years as pioneers of innovation and guided motion manufacturing. Thanks in advance for your support!