Thursday, October 25, 2012

Linear Guides Help Paramedics Do Their Job Quickly and Safely

INVENTIVE SOLUTION Weight gain in the United States has created a number of challenges for healthcare workers and first-responders. One of those challenges is the simple fact that it's more difficult to lift heavy patients into an ambulance in an emergency situation. One of our customers, Ray Crawford, encountered that challenge when a heavyset co-worker slipped and fell at work. Paramedics were unable to quickly lift the gentlemen into the ambulance for transport to the hospital. Crawford addressed the challenge by inventing a heavy duty patient handling system that could lift up to 1,900 pounds.

SHARING THE STORY Our friends at Design World shared this case study in their November issue, which was mailed to subscribers this week. The "Design Notes" feature tells how Crawford came up with the idea for his patient lift, why he chose our [ UtiliTrak® linear guide ] to build the device, and how it could save lives by cutting down on the time it takes to lift and transport heavier patients. It's a critical development in the patient transport industry, a sector forced to make critical changes like this to cope with the changing needs of the American population. Linear motion helps keep first-responders in motion!

[ CLICK HERE to read the feature in Design World ]