Thursday, October 25, 2012

Find Us at Pack Expo: Booth #N-5726

Credit: Pack Expo

[ PACK EXPO 2012 ]
More than 46,000 buyers from around the world will join 1,800 suppliers in Chicago next week for the annual Pack Expo International, a trade show dedicated to showcasing the latest technologies, methods and machinery for packaging and processing. We'll be there at booth #N-5726 to display some guided motion solutions ideal for packaging and processing in virtually any industry.

The event, which takes place from Oct. 28 to 31 at the McCormick Center in downtown Windy City, covers more than 1.1 million square feet of exhibition space. That's a whole lot of room to wander around!

The exhibits include:
  • Integrated processing and packaging solutions that drastically increase efficiency and flexibility
  • Cutting-edge technologies that serve as a jumping-off point for future product innovation
  • Live demos so buyers can see machinery in action to judge capability, adaptability, operation and compatibility with existing technologies
  • State-of-the-art product launches, which open the door for safer, more secure, more sustainable and more cost-effective solutions for packaging-processing applications
Credit: Pack Expo

IN MOTION Bishop-Wisecarver will be at the event to take part in the massive effort to showcase the many technologies that drive the packaging industry. The show is organized by the Packaging Manufacturers Machinery Institute (PMMI), an organization of which BWC is a member. This year's show is slated to be the largest Pack Expo in a decade, per PMMI.

"We are extremely excited to be exhibiting at Pack Expo this year as a member of PMMI," BWC Project Engineer Brian Burke told us recently. "Our innovative products are ideally suited for packaging applications, including corrugated handling, case erecting and case packing applications."

NEW DEMOS, NEW IDEAS Since exhibiting last year, BWC has launched new products and come up with new ideas to serve the packaging-processing industry. One of those innovations is our recently launched MadeWell® Radial Wheel, a bearing we designed as a cost-effective solution for applications with specified radial loading conditions.

One of the reasons we make a point of going to Pack Expo is because our guided motion technologies are ideal for the packaging industry — a well-known ability to withstand debris-laden environments. The double vee-edge design of our bearings and related guided motion systems offer an inherent self-cleaning action that sloughs away debris like paper, cardboard, wood, metal shavings, glass, plastics and other contaminants.

“Bishop-Wisecarver has strong ties to the packaging industry and decades of experience imagining solutions for all kinds of applications inherent to the industry,” said Pamela Kan, President of Bishop-Wisecarver. “I look forward to attending the show and speaking with our customers one-on-one.”

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