Monday, September 10, 2012

#MotionMonday Scenes From the Manufacturing Floor: Metal Bits, Wood Chips and Plastic Shavings

Metal, cement, wood, plastic, glass — it's all extremely abrasive when you grind it up. We know these harsh application environments well! Some of our signature linear guide products are based on our DualVee Motion Technology because many of our customers operate machines in these types of rough conditions. What makes DualVee different? The 90-degree vee-edge creates a natural sweeping action so you've got unstoppable motion — that means a lot less downtime.

[ HOW? ]

Since the wheel's inner diameter travels at a lesser velocity than the outer, contaminants get naturally swept out and away. Basically, the velocity gradient makes a continuous sweeping motion, which keeps those tracks clean and free of gunk.

For this week's #MotionMonday post, we ventured out to our own manufacturing floor here at our San Francisco Bay Area facility to find photographic examples of the types of debris DualVee's famously known to kick to the curb. We found quite a few examples, like metal chips, plastic shavings, sawdust and wood debris ... but the list goes on. We even ran into Alex at the packaging station, where he assembles custom wood crates for shipment, and he gave us a quick tour of his workstation speckled with all kinds of wood shavings. No matter how much wood he saws up for crates, those DualVee wheels moving back and fourth on the saw never jam up.

We posted the following photos on our Instagram feed, which you can find on your mobile device. Just look for us under the handle @bishopwisecarver to see these instasnaps as we post them in real-time. Any ideas for the next edition of Motion Monday? We'd love to hear your ideas!