Friday, September 7, 2012

Top Five Twitter Posts: Energy Policy, Manufacturing in the News, and Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Did you catch Pamela Kan's radio interview earlier today? It's something we've looked forward to all week — a chance for her to rep the manufacturing sector on a public broadcasting forum, however briefly. Well, we posted a recap of the talk (see previous post) and look forward to the next opportunity for her to share her thoughts as a manufacturing executive. But lots of other things happened this week, too, even though Labor Day made it a four-day work week. We heard about those just-released national jobless figures, posted some new application stories, made new Twitter connections and read some fascinating news stories about new scientific findings. Here's a sample of some of the tweets that captured our attention this week ... of course, you can follow us in real-time at @BWCnews. Happy tweeting, all!

1. Jobs and Energy Go Hand in Hand on Manufacturing's been in the news a lot lately as the elections heat up, as the Dems and GOPS bring up energy policy, job creation and the like at their respective conventions. Here's an interesting post by the National Association of Manufacturers that weighs in on the unbreakable bone between energy policy and manufacturing, a sector that NAM says consumes about one-third of the nation's energy supply. Fascinating to see the impact of the manufacturing sector on every other facet of American life.

2. Women Entrepreneurs Struggle to Grow Their Business on Huffington Post: We're suckers for a good infographic. And as a certified woman-owned business, we perked up when we saw this post about women business owners. Check it out!

3. Building CNC Routers on YouTube: CNC routers are fun to watch in action — so we can't help but scour YouTube for new videos of the linear slide-guided mechanisms. Here's a recent one of a woodworking machine that popped up on Twitter this week. Look at that guy go!

4. A Promising Wikipedia Overhaul on Fast Company: Click that link ... OK, now what if Wikpedia looked like that. Pretty spiffy, huh? We dig the new (potential) redesign!

5. Manufacturing Loses 15K Jobs on Pamela Kan discussed this during her KCBS radio interview earlier today ... and NAM framed the news really well in today's blog post here, too. Interesting to see the downward flux. Any ideas on how we can improve the outlook for skilled labor jobs in the near future? The distant future? Tune in to Pamela's radio spot to hear her thoughts.

Credit: US Bureau of Labor Statistics/NAM