Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Motion Monday: Sparks Fly in This Welding Application

We're still riding high on the excitement of Independence Day, with all its explosions in the sky and other festive firecrackers. To keep the sparks flying, we'll make this week's #MotionMonday challenge fiery, too, but spotlighting an welding application that's set in motion with our linear bearings and matching track.

CHALLENGE Welding heads on most machines need to be easily removed to service and maintain them. In this specific case, the linear motion parts on this machine needed to be strong enough to support loads of up to 150 pounds. They needed to travel at about a quarter-inch per second and withstand an extremely harsh environment contaminated by alloy steel weld splatter.

APPLICATION The customer who used our linear bearings and track designs and builds special machines that get used in refurbishing boilers in power generation, chemical, pulp and paper mills. These machines are placed inside large boilers, which lay down rows of weld bead onto the boiler wall, building up the wall thickness. They are various applications for rack and gear driven weld torches with wire feeders.

SOLUTION DualVee Linear Guide Wheels allowed for quick removal and will last much longer than comparable Bishop-Wisecarver’s stainless steel version was used for enhanced corrosion resistance.

PRODUCTS USED This manufacturer chose our stainless steel DualVee wheels with matching track to guide the welding heads. DualVees come in six sizes and get mounted with our own journals and bushings.

YOUR CHALLENGE From that little application spotlight, we've picked up some keywords and turned them into a word search. The first handful of people to complete it correctly and send the answers back to us get some free BWC swag. Need an answer key? Email us at jenniferw@bwc.com. Have fun!

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