Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Motion Monday: Smooth Motion Allows for Fast, Accurate Testing

Beta Instruments — an electronics, mechatronics and robotics manufacturer — needed a large ring bearing, and was unimpressed with the high cost and implementation difficulty of standard slewing type ring bearings. The application requirements demanded that the ring exhibit smooth motion and have an integrated gear drive.

This measuring device uses state-of-the-art electronics and custom-designed computer programs to provide the fast and accurate  measurement of Cathode Ray  Tube (CRT) screen features, either automated or manual.

A standard ring offers extremely smooth motion without the  integration headaches most ring bearings cause. Only six drilled and tapped holes are required for mounting. The ring comes with  external gear teeth as a standard option.

Hepcomotion's R76-1033-R360-P,  BHJ-54-C and  BHJ-54-E

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