Friday, June 15, 2012

Top 10 Twitter Posts: Bed Making Robots, Cold Viruses Fighting Cancer and Linear Guide Wheels for Radial Loading

Happy Friday everyone! This week has flown by, probably because we had a great time — laser tag, pizza luncheon,  birthday celebrations and company anniversaries! What does that leave for the weekend?

We're more than just your friendly manufacturer of linear slides and rotary guides, we're also your ear to the ground. If you follow us on Twitter then you might have seen these stories already, but here's our top ten wrap up of posts, favorites and retweets.

1. A Catch-up with our Engineering Interns on We interviewed our engineering interns on Monday to see what they have been up to for the last few weeks and we found that they have been very busy! From designing test apparatuses to engaging in modal analysis, read more about what projects the interns are working on and what they like most about working at BWC!
Credit: Discover Magazine

2. NASA’s Bake Sale via Discover Magazine: It seems that bake sales are not only tools used by schools and local charities to raise money. NASA employees have been selling cupcakes and cookies to make people aware of budgetary cuts. Read this article to learn more!

3. [ VIDEO ] Linear Guide Wheels for Specified Loading Conditions on We have a new video posted on the website! Check out this quick 60 second clip of our recently released radial wheels for applications with specified radial loading conditions.

4. A Cold Virus that can Treat Cancer on There have been a lot of scientific breakthroughs documented this week such as how bacteria can actually improve our immune systems and details about a potential cure for blindess, but the one that most sticks out in our minds is the cold virus that could serve as an effective treatment for cancer. This article details how the virus, after being injected into the blood stream, kills tumors and also stimulates the immune system. What a discovery!

5. A Secret Weapon: The Double Acting Profile Driven Unit on  As part of our Motion Monday blog, we detailed the fantastic benefits the HepcoMotion DAPDU2 provides to its users such as large load capacity, durability and quiet operation. Read the blog to learn more about this product and its applicability!

6. An Exact Replica of an Austrian Village in… China?! on China is in the process of creating  a town that is almost the exact replica of a town named Hallstatt in Austria. This Disneyland-esque creation, while very similar in look to its counterpart in Austria, is still distinctly Chinese. Read the article to find out why!

7. A Solution to the Annoyance of Bed Making via Time Magazine:  Do you hate the dreaded morning task of making your bed? Well, now you don’t have to! Mechanical arms will do it for you.  Read up on this fantastic new invention to avoid morning hassle!

8. Make better Decisions by Learning a Foreign Language via Wired Science: Do you have problems making swift decisions? It has been discovered recently that by thinking in a foreign language, choices can be made more quickly and easily! Time to crack open those foreign dictionaries and Language textbooks!

9. The Ever Evolving Art of Advertising via Have you ever noticed that the ads you receive are often eerily reflective of your mood or current interests? Well, this occurrence will become even more prevalent if a major software firm is successful in obtaining a patent to put out ads that are matched to body language and emotional states found through your emails, search queries and other interactions on-line.  Good or bad?

10. Roller Coasters Galore on Check out pictures of the world’s fastest and most fun roller coasters. It is amazing how creative and complex some of these structures are! Are you brave enough to ride any of them? Now that's what we call motion without limits!