Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Motion's the Best Medicine: Linear Bearings, Guides and Slides in the Medical Device Industry

MOVING MEDICAL RESEARCH Our linear and rotary motion control products move things from one point to another — a simple task. Yet, you'll find them in some of the most complex and cutting-edge medical devices in the industry. Here are a few ways some engineers and researchers used our products ...

VASCULAR GRAFTING A design engineer faced the challenge of building a linear actuator setup that could wind vascular grafting material within extremely precise specifications. Exactness was important here because the material had to last and function after surgery. Our linear guide technology fit this bill.

STAINING Our linear guides were needed to support the parallel workflow processing of walk-away lab analysis automation to improve lab efficiency and staining quality. LoPro linear actuators made the machine in this application faster and more efficient.

VERTICAL MOTION A contract manufacturer of custom high-value medical carts, consoles and tables needed our vertically mounted linear guides to easily raise and lower a support shelf on a card designed for a portable device. The solution needed to be cost-efficient and provide smoother operation and stability when the cart was in the fully raised position.

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