Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Motion Monday: Back on Track with Precision Ring and Track

THROWN FOR A CURVE? It's Tuesday instead of Monday but that's not holding us up. So... When it comes to heavy duty rotary motion — what are your options? Though your choices are limited, there are countless ways to customize and apply these few solutions. We grabbed a coffee with our Senior Project Engineer Ariel Oriel to get the scoop on our very own product line of precision ring and track.

PRECISION RING AND TRACK When manufacturers want to save money, time and space, they group production stations closer together. But it also means things have to move around on serpentine paths. Enter the [ PRT2 by HepcoMotion, their latest generation of steel ring and track systems ]

This guide wheel-based curvilinear product line was designed to accommodate industrial loads, making the most of a space. Rotary guide or actuator setups are more complex to assemble, but worth the effort because of how much they improve efficiency and and simplify handling, according to our design engineers.

You can find track these systems types in simple pick-and-place units, bottle cap indexers, MRI scanners and a lot of packing and filling lines.

[ PRT2 ]
 is available in stainless steel as standard, and includes a wide range of sizes with lower and higher load capacities. This low-friction, debris-tolerant system also includes several new options which comprise of increased bearing and lubricator sizes, floating bearings, fixed center carriages with clamping brake, continuous bleed lubrication to reduce downtime, and the availability of pinions.

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BONUS MUST-SEE CLIP OF THE WEEK We posted this PRT2 video a while ago on our YouTube channel and we think it's worth another view!