Friday, April 27, 2012

Top 10 Twitter Posts — Week 17: Robots, Sea Beasts and Engineering Internships

Spring has sprung, and so has a bunch of chitchat in the Twittersphere about the final showdown of the FIRST robotics season. One-half of our marketing landed in St. Louis, Missouri, earlier this week to document the final championship in the thick of the action. We're taking photos, tweeting up a storm and sharing updates on Facebook. But in this every-Friday post, we focus on just the Twitter angle. Here's a sample of the best, brightest and most memorable tweets to blip through out Tweetdeck since Monday. Stay on top of the action by following us at @BWCnews. Happy tweeting!

Credit: Tech Central
1. How 3D Printers Changed the Rules of Manufacturing on the Bishop-Wisecarver Daily: They evolved from "stereolithography" machines in the 1980s to the modern gadget we now call a 3D printer — it's got everyone in the technology world talking. But the three-dimensional modeling devices hold tons of significance for the manufacturing sector as well. Here's an article that explains how.

2. BWC Launches Summer Internships on You haven't heard? Well it's time to send in your applications for our summer engineering and manufacturing internships! We announced them just recently and we've already started receiving a bunch of applications. Send in yours stat!

3. Mystery Sea Beast of Cincinnati Found on Discovery News: OK, so it's just a fossil. Well, not "just" a fossil, but one of a previously undiscovered prehistoric sea beast found in the middle of the United States. An amateur paleontologist actually discovered the 7-foot-long specimen that got the science world all fired up this week. Click through to read more about the just-discovered fossil!

Credit: Good Education
4. The Next Generation of Scientists via Good Education: We're obviously nuts about infographics [ read more about that here ] so we lit up when we saw this super informative visual of who the next generation of scientists will be. Check it!

5. A "Zero-Waste" home in San Francisco on PD&D: Find out how one California household cut waste so drastically as to become a national news story. Kudos!

6. Meat Up — The Best of Jerky Week on Fast Company: Did you know it's Jerky Week? Well, it was, at least according to the good folks at one of our favorite business magazines, Fast Company. They had a staffer spend a week profiling the movers and shakers in the big bad world of dried meat. The result: This humorous little slideshow. Chew on that!

7. 12 Examples of Manufacturing/Engineering Twitters Done Right via Design World: Nope, this isn't a humble brag, it's a straight-up boast — we made it on the list of best B2B Twitter accounts in our industry! Thanks to our friends at Design World for the press and the kind words. Click through to read all the highly complimentary words they wrote ... nice way to end the week! Go team!

Credit: Fast Company
8. Would You Let This Robot Valet Fetch Your Car? on Fast Company: We've got robots on our mind again ... we always do, but especially this week with all the action over at the FIRST championships. So we've kept an eye out for interesting robot news. Here's a cool wrap-up of the week in robotics news put together by our go-to entrepreneurial news source, FastCo.

9. How to Correctly Apply Lead Screws in Design World: Even though lots of applications need the rigidity, thrust capacity and extreme accuracy of ball screws, lead screws are pretty adaptable to so many other applications, according to this white paper just published in Design World. Very informative read — give it a whirl!

10. 3-D Printed Jaw Lets 83-Year-Old Eat, Chew and Talk
on MSNBC: An octogenarian woman can eat, chew and talk again thanks to an artificial jaw created by one of those super-advanced three-dimensional printers we can't stop jabbering about. Crazy! Now we're making advances in medical science with ... a printer?! Seems almost a misnomer at this point considering all it's apparently able to accomplish!