Friday, February 17, 2012

Our Weekly List of Top 10 Twitter Posts — Week 7

We spent the better part of this week roaming the floor at WestPack in SoCal, enjoying the cool robotics demos, chitchatting with other engineers and welcoming customers to our fabulous 20x20 booth. So Friday surprised us when it got here ... time to sum up the week of tweets already! Sweet! For a more complete retrospective of the past five weekdays, check us out at @BWCnews. Because we said so.

Credit: BBC
1. Fast-Walking Slows Dementia on BBC News: OK, well that's cool, considering the author of this post is a fast-walker herself. Hopefully this means guaranteed lifelong sanity, right?

2. Hello Kitty Jets on CNN: Um, hello! Cutest airplanes ever! A Taiwanese airline launched a small fleet of Hello Kitty-themed jetliners painted with the ever-so-adorable mascot of cuteness and staffed by flight attendants donned with matching attire. Even the seats and food fits the theme. Sounds like a dream flight for Hello Kitty superfans!

3. Small Satellite Clean up Junk in Space on the Bishop-Wisecarver Daily: Space junk gets a lot of press, especially when anything new we launch out there has to dodge all the trash floating around. So a team of Swiss researchers are building a series of small space junk-seeking satellites that could help tackle the problem. Seems like a step in the right direction!

Credit: NASA
4. NASA's Robonaut Has a Twitter Account on If you're up to date in the world of science news, you've probably heard that NASA just launched a Robonaut into space to explore places too dangerous for people. Well, you can keep posted on what the robotic explorer is up to in space by following it on Twitter at @AstroRobonaut. Stay safe, robonaut!

5. Many Jobs Will be Gone With Wind Energy Credit on Bishop-Wisecarver Daily: It seems people are expecting that breakneck growth in the wind industry to come to a grinding halt, according to this NPR report. That's because the boom was propelled by federal subsidies, which are slated to run out. Interesting report. What's your take on the news?

6. Blogging Trumps Tradition Advertising on Duh. That's because blogging is more about voice, personality and relationship as opposed to the one-way broadcast of, say, a TV commercial. This article uses a case study to prove a point we've known all along — that social media is far superior in terms of ROI. Cool story!

7. How the sPINer Magnetic Deburring Works via YouTube: Here's a quick video from our friends at @TechniksUSA that demonstrates how their magnetic deburring machine works. They joined us this week at MD&M West, so we tweeted back and forth a few times. In the spirit of our Twitter friendship, here's a shout-out and a link-out for the folks at Techniks!

Credit: PopSci
8. Robot Paw Learns How to Throw on Popular Science: A robot that learned how to pick stuff up has graduated to throwing coffee grounds-filled balloons. Awww ... they grow up so fast! Click through the link to check out a video of said throwing robot in action.

9. Where Science Meets Imagination on Could the sci-fi wonder of Star Wars ever become a reality? Well the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, CA, is putting together an exhibit to explore that very question. If we were closer, we'd swing by for a visit!

10. A Heating Robot to Warm You Up on Fast Company: Now here's a useful gadget to keep you cozy for what's left of winter this year. It's a roving robot that finds the cool spots in your home, wanders over there and works its heating magic. Seems like a worthwhile investment for folks sequestered up north this winter! Check out the video ...