Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A lot of This, A Lot of That at West Pack 2012

Packaging, medical and aerospace — oh my! This week's conference at the Anaheim Convention Center is packed with everything from electronics to plastics and beyond. With nine shows all under one roof, you've got the best technologies from many industries in arm's reach. It's day two and we're still going strong here at booth #5305. From espresso chats with our Project Engineer Brian Burke to mingling with the good and the great, we're having a grand time talking it up with attendees on everything that is linear and rotary motion technology related.

"A great thing about this event was that there were so many different types of ideas since the show doesn't focus on just one industry," said Bishop-Wisecarver President Pamela Kan, who spent Valentine's Day at West Pack. "This show brings in a real diverse group of visitors, and since we're in so many different types of markets, it was good for us. There's such a wide array of industries that benefit from our motion technologies."

Tomorrow is the last day of the show, so if you haven't already stopped by, please do! We've got some handy WD40 pens and microtool giveaways. And if you're traveling light, go ahead and nab one of our USBs packed with all things Bishop-Wisecarver — everything from catalogs and technical data sheets to pictures and videos. Our resources are your resources.

"We have a tremendous amount of engineering support and expertise to offer our customers, and it's great to see attendees stopping by the booth with drawings in hand," said Michael McVeigh, our Vice President of Sales. "I want people to know we're here to help. Our ability to solve these unique challenges brought to us is what built our company, and that's why we are here this week."

[ Want a visual recap of our first day? Check out this Storify timeline of our trip! ]