Monday, March 10, 2014

“Make Mistakes, Learn From Them and Move Forward”

Q&A with FIRST Team 3470 President Logan Dorsey

Bishop-Wisecarver, a Diamond Supplier of the FIRST® Robotics Competition, is committed to inspiring future innovators and supporting Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics (STEM) by sponsoring three local teams in Northern California. In this blog, we are proud to feature President Logan Dorsey of Heritage High School Robotics FRC Team 3470, The Patriots, located in Brentwood, California.

A senior at Heritage High School, Logan has participated in his school’s robotics program since his freshman year.  As if this wasn’t impressive enough, Logan has interned at Google in the video production department, and currently works on side projects that involve programming and building robots. He aspires to attend Yale this fall to study computer science.

Logan, without a doubt, has the talent to be a future innovator in his field of expertise. Learn what he had to say about what it takes to be the President of a FIRST robotics team.

Question:  We understand that the FIRST program has a lot to offer. What do you think about the program and what skills have you gained from it?

LD: I think it’s a great and rewarding program. I have been a part of the robotics team for four years and I’ve gained a lot of skills that I can apply to both school and home. To name a few, I have learned to manage my time, be patient and maintain a good worth ethic. I’ve even gained the skill set to open my own software company.

Question: What challenges have you run into as President of Heritage FRC Team 3470?

LD: When I was appointed as President, I didn’t realize how challenging the position would be. I was the team’s software engineer before taking this leadership role, so I had no idea where to start. Thankfully, I had the guidance from our coach/mentor Mr. Pardi. He’s taught me the importance of team work, how to manage a small team and coordinate the many processes that needs to come together to building a robot. Mr. Pardi has encouraged my own personal growth as well as our team’s that we had him nominated for the FIRST Compass Award, which recognizes his outstanding guidance and support. We were ecstatic that he won!

Question: As much challenges your team has run into, what would you say your team’s greatest accomplishments are this season?

LD:  With scheduled restrictions and commitments it has been very hard to get the team together, however, we’ve taken long strides since we started this season. We’ve improved our building process from building one part of the robot at a time to dedicating different members of the team to sections of the robot. We’ve change an important mechanism of our robot in three weeks and we placed 14th out of 36 teams at the Northern California FTC Championship on February 22nd in Newark, CA.
Question: With this being your last year, what would be your advice to your teammates?

LD: Make mistakes, learn from them and move forward.