Friday, July 12, 2013

Top Five Tweets of the Week: Workplace Safety, Joys of Manufacturing and Mechanical Motion

Happy Friday, readers! We spent the week chatting about manufacturing news, engineering innovations and trends of a recovering economy. Here's a look at some of the people and topics that stuck out for us this time. Don't forget to follow us for future updates at @BWCnews!

1. Tips to Create an Accident-Free Work Environment via Creative Safety Supply: The biggest hit to production loss in a company are accidents, according to this blogger. If someone gets hurt, equipment gets damaged and processed ground to a screeching halt, everyone loses.
Here's a useful list of tips for how to avoid accidents in the first place. For starters: Train early, train often. A well-prepared workforce reacts smarter and clean up quicker. Link via @MikeWilsonCSS.

2. Teens Discover the Joys of Manufacturing via ABC Newspapers: Summer's here and that means, for those still in school, summer camp! Here's a recap of one such educational camp at Anoka Technical College for teens looking for more manufacturing know-how. Story via @AmericanControl.

3. Hydrogen-Powered Cars, Coming to a Highway Near You via Typical counterparts to fossil fuel-powered cars are the hybrid and electric. But more auto-making giants are starting to invest in hydrogen fuel cell research. In fact, some hydrogen-powered cars may hit the consumer market by 2015. Story via @EngineeringCom.

4. Kinetic Great Sculpture Illustrates Concept of Mechanical Motion via Linear Motion Tips: As manufacturers of liner slides and rotary guides, we're obsessed with movement. Guided motion technology: That's what we do. So we got a kick out of Design World's post on this kinetic gear sculpture, a beautiful construction of moving parts. Post via @DesignWorld.

5. Q&A With Tom Chen, Applications Engineer via We recently posted a blog about one of our engineers, Tom Chen, who holds more than 10 years of experience working with motion control, factory automation and laboratory automation. We'd like to thank Kyle at @ToyotaEquipment for re-sharing this post!