Monday, May 13, 2013

Motion Monday: Inventions and Innovations Coming This Weekend at the Maker Faire

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Bishop-Wisecarver was founded on the ingenuity of Bud Wisecarver. His passion for invention and innovation grew into a company, and today we are celebrating more than sixty years of business.

All because one person was driven to do something great!

That's why were excited every year when the Maker Faire comes to the San Francisco Bay area, "The Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth" where makers from all around the globe come to share and celebrate their creative visions, imaginative projects, and DIY fun (May 19th and 20th).

It's a family-friendly festival focused on invention, creativity, and resourcefulness — truly a celebration of the good and the great known to many as the Maker Movement.

In honor of the big weekend coming up, we've created a fun word search of terms related to all things Maker Faire. To learn more about the Maker Faire, visit