Tuesday, February 5, 2013

#CoffeeChat: QuickTrak, Fast Track Intro to Modular Linear Guides

BACK ON TRACK The QuickTrak® modular based platform of linear guides and sub-assemblies was created to meet the needs of customers who required modification of existing machines — a quick, simple way to mount guidance systems. Think of it like an erector set for manufacturers, engineers and automation solution providers. These guides mount easily onto any beams with T-nut and T-slot-based kit of parts.

We sat down with one of our engineers, Leslie Lui, over coffee to discuss the possibilities of this particular type of motion solution. Here's what he had to say:

Why did we create this product? 
LL: QuickTrak was developed to aid machine builders seeking linear guidance solutions that offer flexible design and easy-to-assemble characteristics.

Most linear guide products require highly customized precision-machined components and mounting features in order to be integrated into an application. We made QuickTrak to cut the amount of time and work required for machine builders to design and build linear guide systems into their applications.

The QuickTrak product philosophy is about building linear guide systems from modular, cut-to-length and easy-to-piece-together parts instead of custom-designing the system and components from scratch.

Who benefits from using QuickTrak?
LL: QuickTrak benefits any machine builder who wants to quickly add a customized linear guidance system into their application with as little assembly and machining effort as possible.

How does QuickTrak help machine builders?
LL: QuickTrak support assemblies permit DualVee® track to be easily mounted to applications without the need for careful machining and preparation of any mounting substrates. QuickTrak single-edge and double-edge track supports can be mounted onto standard T-slot extrusions with readily available fasteners and do not require any mounting substrate machining. QuickTrak double-edge track supports can also be mounted to most flat surfaces, requiring only the machining of suitable mounting holes.

QuickTrak wheel plate assemblies are composed of specialized sets of wheel and brake components fastened onto custom profile T-slot extrusion wheel plates. QuickTrak wheel plate assemblies are designed to be put together with simple hand tools.

The T-slots serve as mounting features for both the customer payload and wheel plate assembly components. The T-slots span the entire width of the wheel plate, providing far more mounting possibilities for customers than individual mounting holes. The width of the wheel plate can be quickly and easily sized to match customer-determined track support spans and accommodate specific extruded stock. Optional brake sub-assemblies permit wheel plate assemblies to be quickly locked in any desired position on their track support assemblies.

[ Click here ] to download free CAD drawings, catalogs, and data sheets about QuickTrak