Thursday, December 6, 2012

Watch, Read, Listen, Do: Engineering Roundtable, Re-shoring Manufacturing and Free Application Stories

Part of what encourages a forward-thinking and innovative culture is how well a business keep tabs on current events, new ideas and the trajectory of modern manufacturing. Every day we scourer social media channels for the good and the great — we're more than just your linear guide manufacturer! Here's a bit of what caught our interest in the world of science  manufacturing, engineering and technology.

Where do you dial in for the latest news?

[ WATCH ] The crew at Design World network held an editorial round table again, another installment in their new series in which the newsroom staff speaks with industry experts on a variety of engineering-related topics. Check it out and stay tuned for future episodes. Great idea, guys!

[ READ ] James Fallows writes in a recent Atlantic article, "For decades, every trend in manufacturing favored the developing world and worked against the United States. But new tools that greatly speed up development from idea to finished product encourage start-up companies to locate here, not in Asia. Could global trade winds finally be blowing toward America again?" What do you think?

[ LISTEN ] Did you know that the National Academy of Engineering has an online archive of audio podcasts related to the field? And they're free too, so tune in!

[ DO ] Designers, engineers and all-around thinkers and makers draw inspiration from many places in the world including from each other. That's why we're so fascinated by application stories — they tell us how someone else solved a solution that may be common to other people. Seeing how other people approach a problem can help us engineer a more refined solution as well. In that spirit of sharing and inspiration, we invite you to peruse our library of application examples and to download any number of them for free! These case studies examine applications in industries such as industrial machinery, medical device manufacturing, transportation, robotics and many more.