Monday, December 10, 2012

Gift Ideas for Engineers, Builders, DIY Makers

Have you finished all that holiday shopping for the engineer in your life? If not, here's our top five picks so far. In this Motion Monday edition we're featuring some of the coolest gadgets and trinkets shared with us on our social media channels — from the good and the great on to all things found on What sort of engineering fun did you find online this year?

1. Desktop Gear Clock: Got gears? It's a timepiece built out of a bunch of gears in various sizes, and we found it for a few dollars shy of $50 on — a great visual!

2. Piston Mug: Need a gift for a mechanical engineer in your acquaintance? How about a handy coffee mug shaped like a piston? It's chrome-plated, dishwasher safe (but not microwaveable) and insulated to keep your favorite beverages hot or cold. And oh, Amazon, it's so hard to beat your prices ... we found one for $19.99 on the retail giant's online store.

3. Level Cufflinks: How about present that is stylish and practical? Check out these cuff links that double as level. The familiar neon liquid is bound to be appreciated by anyone with experience building things. Click through to find these cuff links offered by CuffCrazy for $30.

4. Ultimate 5-in-1 Pen: "The pen that makes all other pens quiver in inadequacy" — an amazing claim from our friends at Think Geek, right? Hyperbolic as it may seem, you can't help but be impressed the five geek tools crammed into one apparatus. You have a pen, stylus, LED flashlight and red laser pointer all in one convenient pen. Even more impressive? It's less than $10.

5. Pizza "Pi" Cutter: "Cut your pie with Pi," suggests Think Geek. "For such an irrational number, you sure are kind. You help us do all sorts of things — like figure out the area and circumference of our pizza. And now, with the power of future technologies, and combining things with other things, you will also be able to cut our pizza into pieces." We couldn't have said it better ourselves. If you you know a pizza lover who also appreciates the power of Pi, it's likely well worth the $15 to order them this cleverly make cooking utensil.