Friday, November 2, 2012

Top Five Twitter Posts: Pack Expo, Manufacturing Jobs and Hurricane Sandy Facts

Such an eventful time of year! We brought our linear slides and rotary guides to Pack Expo, the BWC team celebrated Halloween and... coming up in a matter of days ...we're thinking about the United States' Presidential Election. Of course all of those and other topics affected our Twitter conversation this week, much we captured here in this week's edition of Twitter Friday! Be sure to catch our real-time conversations on Twitter by following us at @BWCnews. Enjoy your weekend!

Credit: Pack Expo
1. Pack Expo 2012 Summary in Design World: The magazine sent some of its editorial staff to the Pack Expo event in Chicago this week to report on some of the latest technologies in the packaging and processing industry. Miles Budimir sums up some notable inventions companies showcased during the four-day trade show, which drew 1,800 exhibitors to three massive halls at the McCormick Convention Center.

2. Get a Job in the Manufacturing Field on Ever think about a career in manufacturing? We have several openings!

Credit: AP
3. Manufacturing Will Play a Key Role in Hurricane Sandy Recovery via The antithesis to destruction is creation, to dismantling is building. So it makes sense to reason that the creative force of manufacturing will play a big part in untangling the mess Hurricane Sandy left in her wake. That devastation and subsequent recovery efforts "stand as a stark reminder that America's critical infrastructure — our electric grid, transportation systems, nuclear power plants, water infrastructure and treatment plants and petroleum pipelines — as well as key population centers, remain inherently vulnerable," the article reads. The answer, both in this immediate recovery and in preventative efforts elsewhere in the nation, is to redouble our focus on manufacturing improved infrastructure and technologies to prepare for future natural disasters ... and to recover more quickly from the aftermath.

4. Five Crazy Sandy Facts on Discovery News: In the No. 4 spot on our Top 5 list is another list! This one sums up a handful of unbelievable-but-true stats and facts about Hurricane Sandy, the storm that whipped the Eastern seaboard with a destructive tidal torrent this week, including news that this wasn't the only superstorm to wreak havoc on civilization this week. Click through to find out more.

5. [ INFOGRAPHIC ] A Brief History of Packaging via BWC Pinterest: Did you know that the first commercial cardboard box was made in England? Or that the DualVee guide wheel was invented for a packaging application that previously used flat rollers clogging from exposure to debris? Or that branding, labels and trademarks were invented in the late-1860s? Check out our latest graphic on the packaging industry in honor of Pack Expo and others posted on our Pinterest page!