Monday, October 8, 2012

#MotionMonday: Scenes From Motek International Trade Fair for Assembly, Handling Technology and Automation

MOTEK 2012 Exhibitors in the assembly, handling technology and automation industries met for the 31st annual Motek International Trade Fair in Stuttgardt, Germany, this week to witness the latest advances in those fields. Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation President Pamela Kan and her executive team were among the 30,000 people attending the event, which pulls in attendees from more than 100 countries.

To learn more about recent advances in industrial components, sub-assemblies and other automation solutions for manufacturing, testing, assembly, intralogistics and packaging.

Mechatronics and research and development are some of the main themes at Motek this year, according to organizers. The theme encourages visitors to "look beyond the obvious," they say, and to think of ways to pack in "more expertise in less time."

SNAPSHOTS We compiled a handful of Instagram snapshots Pamela took from the show, which runs through Thursday. We look forward to seeing more photos from her trip! Follow her on Instagram to see live updates from Pamela at @pamelakan.

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