Friday, September 7, 2012

Double Product Feature: Linear Slides for Twisting Cables and Rotary Guides for Turning Turbines

DOUBLE FEATURE Too much of a good thing is a very good thing, and in today's application spotlight, we're featuring two HepcoMotion products back-to-back. From machines that twist cable to the heavy handling of robust turbines, today's engineers need linear slides and rotary guides they can count on. Check out how these very different products were used for motion without limits.

CABLE TWISTING MACHINE The controllable movement of the DLS [ driven linear guidance ] is used in this machine for making special twisted cables that end up on custom wiring looms. The servo motor-driven head is mounted on the DLS carriage and powered by a programmable drive/positioner. This interfaces with the AC motor, inverter and switch arrangement used to control the movement of the linear axis. The system allows for a consistent pre-determined twist angle to be achieved while the length is easily varied to produce the required dimension for the cable. The whole process is supervised by a PLC system, which is also used to control other related processes such as cutting and terminating the cables.

TURBINE HANDLING FIXTURE The durability and strength of HDRT [ heavy duty ring track ] can carry loads up to nearly 9,000 pounds — that's a lot of lift! In this example, a turbine rotor is mounted on a tooling plate which is fixed to a gear cut ring. The rotor can be turned with a handwheel to facilitate inspection and maintenance. The beauty of the HDRT track system is that the combined ring and straight slide components can be pieced together to form virtually any path. The outside and inside vee rings work with three bearing sizes and two lubricators.

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