Monday, September 24, 2012

Desktop Inspiration: Feeding Inventive Minds in This Motion Monday Edition

Wherever inspiration comes from, it's often more easily sparked when we turn our surroundings into a place conducive to creativity. For some people that means hanging up their favorite painting, their child's sketch, a token with some attached memory or meaning or a cut-out quote taped to a computer monitor.

Engineers are in the business of creating, so it's not surprise that bits of inspiration are posted all about the Bishop-Wisecarver offices. A walk through the office halls and manufacturing aisles will take you through some work stations decorated with quotes, pictures and models of prototypes ... the stuff of makers, thinkers, inventors. Here's a couple of items we found during a quick tour of the Bishop-Wisecarver headquarters ... What inspires you?

Quotes hung up on the marketing department's door. Credit: @bishopwisecarver Instagram.

Picasso, who says "Everything you can imagine is real." Credit: @bishopwisecarver Instagram.

This, from our Twitter friend @MetalFormer, sits on his desk. Credit: Steve Bottcher.