Friday, August 17, 2012

Woodworking, Manufacturing and Linking Up at IWF Atlanta: Our Top Five Tweets You Don't Want to Miss

Happy Friday! It has been a busy week for us as we have been hard at work preparing for the International Woodworking Fair that we are exhibiting at next week in Atlanta. We have been tweeting about the industry and want to share some of our favorite posts leading up to the big event. Feel free to comment on this blog or connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to discuss all things woodworking. Have a great pre-IWF weekend, and if you're going to be at the show week, stop by booth #4412 to meet the team! Be sure to follow all our updates from the trade show floor next week at @BWCnews.

1. Battery made out of Wood Waste on Attention all ... wood is no longer just for houses, fires and furniture. For all those looking for alternative energy sources, wood waste has been identified as one. Read up to see how wood waste could now act as a power source.

2. IWF Events via Woodworking Network: Interested to know which events are going to take place next week at IWF in Atlanta? I know we are! Check out this list to see which informative and fun events are going to make this year's fair the best one yet.

3. Revolutionary Woodcutting Tool on Woodcutting screwdrivers now use motion control, a technology used in video games, to drill into and cut wood. That's definitely motion without limits! Take a look at the article to find out how you can make wood drilling and cutting more efficient and dare I say it, fun!

4. BWC's Woodworking Capability Sheet on To learn more about how our DualVee Motion Technology works in debris filled environments such as in the woodworking industry, read this capability sheet. It will tell you all you've ever wanted to know about our products' applicability to and advantages of use in the woodworking industry. Let us know if you have any questions by commenting on this blog or by interacting with us on Twitter and Facebook! You can also reach our applications directly by calling 925.439.8272.

5. Watch, Read, Listen, Do Blog on Woodworking on Since we've been delving into the woodworking industry this week leading to IWF, we were excited to write a blog on the topic and highlight some new techniques and technologies that are making headlines. Read our blog to learn more and tweet us or comment here to discuss this trending topic.

Eleanor Huddart, Marketing Intern