Friday, August 3, 2012

Top Five Tweets: Woodworking, 'Magic Arms' and a Manufacturing Boom

Wait, August already? Or should I say #AugustAlready (since this a Twitter-themed post here)? If there ever was a theme for a bunch of this week's tweets, it's woodworking. We're gearing up for the big International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta later this month, so we've started connecting with a lot of people in the industry, something we find very exciting. It's been fun making connections before the actual event — makes us look forward to meeting some of them in person come Aug. 22 to 25! If you don't already, get in on the action at @BWCnews. See you in Atlanta, woodworkers!

Credit: BWC
1. Bishop-Wisecarver President to Lead Manufacturing Group's Board on Woodworking Network: We've bombard the world with a bunch of news lately — new product launches, new leadership roles for our company president, all that jazz. So we appreciate it when that news gets passed around. The Woodworking Network kindly published this article about how BWC President Pamela Kan was appointed to chair the board of directors for the California Manufacturing and Technology Association. It also has a nice plug for our brand new MadeWell Radial Wheels and our upcoming visit to the IWF in Atlanta. Booth #4412, everyone! See you there!

2. How do Architects Use Linear Slides and Rotary Guides? on We wrote a while ago about how architects use our DualVee Motion Technology to move windows, doors and walls in high-end homes. It's always fascinating to see the various types of industries that use linear and rotary motion control products and how they use them.

Credit: CNN Money
3. Manufacturing Boom — Trade School Enrollment Soars on CNN Money: With starting salaries of $50,000 to $60,000, it's no wonder more and more young people are flocking to trade school to get the skills needed to land a manufacturing job. The surge in people vying for manufacturing jobs is becoming tough to keep up with, according to this article. For the first time in decades, vocational schools are reaching full capacity. And unlike decades ago, this generation of workers has to be computer literate.

4. 3-D Printed 'Magic Arms' via YouTube: Amazing. Watch this video to find out how 3-D printing technology allowed this little girl to move her arms again.

5. Engineering Commons — STEM Education on Here's an interesting look at how we lose science, technology, engineering and math students before they earn their college degree. It begs the question: How can we encourage students to stick with it from the time they're in elementary school through the end of their college career?