Friday, August 10, 2012

Curiosity Rover, DIY Door Panels and Radial Wheels: Top Five Tweets

Our attention snapped into focus first thing Monday morning on the historic landing of NASA's latest Mars rover, Curiosity. We geeked out, sharing our excitement on the blog throughout the week while tweeting up fellow space geeks, NASA engineers, and even the now-famous "Mohawk Guy."

Credit: NASA
1. Curiosity's First Colored Panoramic Shot of Mars via NASA: We eagerly awaited the first photos from the latest Mars rover earlier this week ... and she didn't disappoint! NASA researchers cobbled together this composite of a bunch of thumbnail-sized snapshots into a panoramic view of the martian landscape, rocks, shadows and details. Fascinating peek into another world. Can't wait to see more!

2. Making Raised Door Panels with a Router and Router Table on We love a good how-to video as much as the next person, so here's a little number we thought we'd share with the rest of you. It's a tutorial that shows you a nice little woodworking project you can do at home. We hope to see some great application just like this at the IWF trade show this month.

3. Feature on our MadeWell Radial Wheels on NASA Tech Briefs: Yay! The NTB folks kindly posted an article about one of our newest products, a vee-edge roller designed for applications with specified radial loading conditions. This linear guide wheel has a lot to offer!

4. I Can't Help But Wonder About Curiosity on Industrial Equipment News: The Curiosity landing was historic for so many reasons — it gives us the clearest window to the Red Planet we've peered through so far, the technology is unprecedented, and its mission to find signs of life is edge-of-your-seat exciting. So why didn't the media and the public make a bigger deal of it? Good question ... We still think science is cool!

5. Giant 3D Printer Builds Homes in 20 Hours via Tom's Hardware: 3D printing keeps popping up in headlines for all the amazing things it creates. But here's a little something chock full of linear motion that grabbed our attention. Awesome technology, great application!