Friday, July 27, 2012

Top 10 Twitter Posts: Extraordinary Women, Sally Ride and the Creative Personality

Our week was punctuated by celebrations, welcomes and farewells. We said good-bye to one of our engineers, who, we're proud to say, landed his dream job as an engineer at Boeing, and we welcomed new members to both our sales force and IT department. We also made new connections at a conference for women business owners in San Francisco, which we'll post about next week. So much excitement for this linear and rotary guide manufacturer! In between it all, we kept in touch with the world on Twitter. Here's a small taste of some things that caught our interest on Twitter since Monday. Follow our adventures next week at @BWCnews!

Credit: Toyota Equipment
1. Toyota Forklift Ballet on YouTube: It's a celebration of art and technology, shared in the Twittersphere by our tweep bff @ToyotaEquipment. Thanks for the share, Kyle!

2. Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice in the B2B Industrial Space on the BWC blog: Bishop-Wisecarver President Pamela Kan was interviewed by a South African online 'zine! The featured profile looked at her role as a woman in the male-dominated world of manufacturing, what personally motivates her and what she loves most about her job. Good read!

3. WBENC President's Report on Since we're a Women's Business Enterprise National Council-certified woman-owned business, we subscribe to the nonprofit's monthly reports. Here's the latest update — lots of interesting articles about other WBENC members, industry news and some info about how to get the most out of a WBENC certification.

4. California Job Growth Leads the Nation, Though SF Still Struggles on HuffPo: New employment figures show that the Golden State added 38,000 more jobs in June — basically half the job growth in the nation during that time. But the City by the Bay lagged. The types of businesses adding the most work, by the last count, include those in the tech and professional sectors. I know were busy hiring here in the East Bay!

Credit: National Archives
5. Sally Ride Remembered as National Hero on Sally Ride, the first American woman to travel into space, passed away this week. The Twittersphere lit up with condolences, respects and memories of the national hero, including this though posted on the White House website shared by President Obama.

6. 'The League of Extraordinary Women' on Fast Company: Whether they're leaders in technology, healthcare, entrepreneurship, media or human rights, these woman have an extraordinary drive in common, according to the magazine, which lauded them with a mention on this list. Who among the women named do you draw inspiration from?

7. The Creative Personality on Psychology Today: What does it mean to be a creative personality? This article explains how it's a seeming contradiction of traits — extroversion and introversion, hyperactivity and deep thought. From artists to engineers, does this in any way describe your mentality?

8. Women in Manufacturing STEP Awards from the Manufacturing Institute: Speaking of extraordinary women, the Manufacturing Institute is accepting nominations for an award that honors women who have contributed to the advancement of science, technology, engineering or production. Nominations are due by Tuesday, July 31. Who did you nominate?

9. Companies Bringing Back Jobs to the U.S. on the Charlotte Observer: Throughout the past 28 months, more than 500,000 manufacturing jobs have been added to the United States' workforce, according to this article. That's the strongest job growth in the sector since the 1990s, it continues. That's counting jobs in semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace and energy. As the column reads, "...made in America means quality workmanship."

10. Bishop-Wisecarver Recertified as Woman-Owned Manufacturer via the Woodworking Network: Thanks to the good folks at the Woodworking Network for sharing this exciting news. We worked really hard to prove that we're a bona fide woman-owned manufacturer of guided motion components, slides and systems. It's an honor to be part of a network like WBENC that promotes women leaders and presents them with opportunities to diversify the industry.

Credit: BWC, Pamela Kan