Friday, July 20, 2012

Top 10 Twitter Posts: Bishop-Wisecarver's WBENC Certification, Wind-Powered Cars and the Future of Running

Post by Eleanor Huddart, Marketing Intern

Happy Friday! Eleanor here with our favorite tweets from this busy week. It has been an important few days for our president as she has not only become Chairman of CMTA, but our company has also become WBENC certified for the second year in a row! Among all the exciting goings-on recently, we have still managed to find some fascinating articles and videos that will hopefully pique your interest on this sunny Friday. Read up before you start your weekend. Follow us on Facebook and on Twitter for more information on Bishop-Wisecarver and other awesome news!

1. BWC President Pamela Kan's Thoughts on its Second WBENC Certification on Get an inside take on what it is like to be the female president of a manufacturing company. Our president details her history at the company and the effort she put into becoming WBENC certified. Because of her hard work, Bishop-Wisecarver is now a certified women-owned business for the second year in a row. Read our press release on the topic to get more information about this laudable achievement.

2. The Geek Manifesto on YouTube: A fascinating video on how science impacts our lives in many different ways and why geeks everywhere should promote it. Let the geeks and science lovers of the world unite!

3. Wind as an Alternative to Fuel? on Those of you fascinated by alternative fuel sources may be interested to know that a wind-powered car has been manufactured that can actually travel at twice the speed of the wind. Don't believe it? Check out this article and a picture of the vehicle  to discover more about this innovative invention!

4.The End of Dry Cleaning? on This caught out attention because we know a lot about working on application challenges with harsh debris ... white shirts don't stand a chance! Or maybe now they do?

5. Where Children Sleep via This informative and heart wrenching photo essay depicts the harsh reality of the income gap that exists between the world's rich and poor. From children who sleep in four poster beds in pink havens to families sleeping on mattresses on the side of the road, this blog will reveal the disparity between the global north and south and the cultural divides that still exist despite globalization.

6) Cars that Provide All Day Caffeination on Finally, a car manufacturer that has solved the problem of having to line up at a coffee shop every morning for your daily fix of caffeine. Fiat is now offering a built-in espresso machine in its new 500L model. No more morning coffee runs for you! Your caffeine fix can now occur in the comfort of your own vehicle and as many times a day as you desire!

7. Horse Lameness Detection on A University of Missouri professor of Equine Surgery has created a horse lameness detector that removes the potential for error that occurs in human detection. The technology utilizes Bluetooth technology to analyse the degree of lameness. Read the article to learn more!

8. The Future of Running on BBC Future: With the Olympics coming up next month, the BBC has been featuring stories that detail the amazing feats of human strength the olympics athletes are achieving or have the potential to achieve in the future — as a manufacturer of linear and rotary guides, we're all about motion without limits! One of these incredible stories details the potential for certain athletes to run 100 meters in under 9 seconds. It may seem impossible, but a few runners are coming awfully close to reaching this goal. Read the article to see how we all have the potential to experience motion without limits!

9. BWC President New Chairman of CMTA on Constant Contact: It has been a busy few weeks for our President as she has not only achieved a second WBENC certification, but is also now the Chairman of the California Manufacturers and Technology Association. Read up on this other fantastic achievement.

10. The Return of Manufacturing to the USA! on The Boston Consulting Group has recently published a press release that declares that millions of jobs could return to the U.S. from China in the face of rising exports. Rising costs in China and the American drive to compete in the international arena are also resonsible for this trend. Read this press release to get greater insight into the USA's efforts to decrease its trade deficit with China.