Monday, July 30, 2012

Five Forums for Engineers — Motion Monday

If the first day of the work week were riding on the wheel plate of a linear actuator, what's your guess on the actuation type? Monday sneaks up so quickly and quietly no matter the weekend debris! But just as the day arrives so quickly, it zips away in a flash.

How do you get up to speed every Monday? Among many online resources, we like forums! Do you have a favorite? Let's share — we'll go first! Here's five our favorites:
  1. ASK@ — for a little bit of everything (chemical/material engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil/structural engineering)
  2. — great dialogue for DIY CNC machinists
  3. — for almost any engineer in any field
  4. — the largest manufacturing technology forum on the web
  5. — very social media friendly conversations