Thursday, June 21, 2012

Watch, Read, Listen, Do: Bamboo Buildings, Leaders in Engineering and That Movie Everyone's Talking About

We're in the business of invention, putting your coolest designs in motion with linear slides and rotary guides, so we naturally also make it our business to stay on top of the latest science, engineering and tech news. Here's our mid-week round-up of notable multimedia gems, from videos and articles to contests and podcasts. Let us know what you thought of them too!

[ WATCH ] regularly posts awesome videos about various topics, from crustacean battle armor to manned missions to asteroids and transparent smart phones. The latest is an architecture-themed snippet about bamboo structures. Bamboo, which is technically a grass, is a highly sustainable building material, grows so fast and is super abundant in some parts of the world.

[ READ ] Prometheus had its plot holes, its randomly choosen character quirks and some cliched sci-fi thriller gimmicks, but one of the film's saving graces, undeniably, was the visuals, the costumes, the makeup, the hard effects. We found this stunning photo essay that gives you a glimpse of how the movie makers worked their magic behind the scenes.

[ LISTEN ] NPR never fails to bring it when it comes to science podcasts... why aren't more people making those, by the way? This week, they aired a segment on how undeniably cool robots are — they're definitely the main draw at science fairs and, in our experience, at trade shows we attend.

[ DO ] Sorry for the shameless plug here, folks, but it is our blog and we can't help but overtly share a little about ourselves every now and then. So, Design World magazine is holding its annual Leadership in Engineering contest and we're nominated in the motion control category. We need your help, though, to vote for us periodically so we come out ahead. Click through to cast your vote. Thanks for your support!