Thursday, June 14, 2012

Catching Up With Our Engineering Interns, Shail and Naasik

Hi everyone, Eleanor here! It's been a couple of weeks since we last caught up with the engineering interns, Naasik and Shail, and since they were last interviewed they've been hard at work on some really interesting projects! We thought it was about time to meet up with them again to discuss what exactly they've been working on, what they've learned since starting their internships, and what they like most about their time here at Bishop-Wisecarver.

1. What types of projects have you been working on since you started your internship?
N & S: BWC is getting into the market of integrated systems containing motors and controllers. We are learning more about how these systems behave in order to recommend the best solutions to customers in this new market. We are designing different test apparatuses to monitor how beams react when they are hit in different places and how they react to different weight loads being placed on them. In addition, we are looking into how an integrated LoPro ] system reacts to different input commands in order to figure out what is the best control algorithm.

2.  What is your favorite part of being an intern at Bishop-Wisecarver?
N: The ability to get hands-on experience in designing control systems.
S: Work experience and getting to work so closely with many mechanical engineers who have a lot more experience than I do. Also, I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone at BWC. People here are so friendly!

3. Are there any concepts/lessons that you learned at university that have been particularly useful when applied to your work at BWC?
N: Mainly subjects to do with control such as data acquisition.
S: In my last project class at UC Berkeley, I had to divide work up and assign tasks. This process occurs a lot at BWC. In fact, Naasik and I work together a lot in order to split up tasks. We work really well together!

4.  What projects are you going to be working on in the upcoming weeks?
N & S: We are going to be designing an integrated system for a customer and finishing up modal analysis and frequency response test benches.

5.  Since your internship started, what new things have you learned about mechanical engineering?
N: For me, I have learned that there is never a limit to the amount of knowledge one can gain about mechanical engineering and engineering in general.
S: I have learned that there is a lot more collaboration and group work involved in mechanical engineering than I initially thought.