Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vote Us a Leader in Engineering — We Need Your Help!

CAST YOUR VOTE Every year, the good folks at Design World magazine organize the Leadership in Engineering Awards, a contest where readers like you vote for innovators in a variety of engineering-related niche industries. We're happy to announce that Bishop-Wisecarver was nominated in the Motion Control category. Nearly 50 companies are listed in that section, so we're counting on you — our readers, customers and supporters — to cast your vote to help put us in the lead! We hope you believe in this linear guide wheel manufacturer like we think you do!

A NOTE ON LEADERSHIP The design and engineering publication listed a litany of attributes to consider in the company you choose to nominate. What defines engineering, they ask? "Is it skill, talent, comprehensive knowledge, a desire to improve, an ability to build a committed team, or another quality?" Leadership could entail all those things, they say.

We agree. And that's why we encourage you to support us in this. As innovators in guided motion technology and engineering solutions that streamline manufacturing all over the world, we have always maintained the importance of hiring skilled workers, talented innovators and knowledgeable leaders that prizes quality and innovation. Our founder, Bud Wisecarver, set the tone for our company to re-examine the way things are the come up with solutions that streamline operations, save time, money and energy and create products that make life easier for our customers.

WHAT THEY SAY Here's a little excerpt from Design World about why they created this award:
We at Design World wish to acknowledge those who demonstrate leadership in engineering. Too often, your dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence go unnoticed. That's why Design World created our Leadership in Engineering Recognition Award. We believe passionate, successful designers and engineers deserve recognition for their efforts. That recognition should come from your peers; engineers who understand the challenges that inspire and compel you to find solutions to seemingly intractable problems. 
The magazine will announce the winners in each category come December this year. Thanks in advance for your support, everyone! Let's do this!

Design World :: Leadership In Engineering 2012