Monday, May 7, 2012

Supersize Me: FIRST Robotics [ INFOGRAPHIC ] Edition

SUPERSIZE ME This is exactly what we had in mind when we started making our infographics for engineers back in January of this year — that others on the web would find value in our informative graphics, worthy of a share! So, when we logged into our Facebook account this morning, we were thrilled to see a photo posted online by the Los Angeles FIRST Robotics of our recent infographic blown up into a supersized poster. We're honored it was blown up so big!

LA FIRST Robotics

When we designed this poster, we made it with students and educators in mind. We wanted it to visually lay out some of the key reasons the FIRST program is so important — how many students the program affects, how many go on to pursue a higher education, and even a glimpse into the organization's future impact.

When we found out that the LA FIRST Robotics — the body that organizes all LA-area FIRST event — shared our infographic at a Los Angeles Unified School District Family Summit over the weekend, we were thrilled! They told us that more than 4,000 students attended the event held at the University of Southern California, which aimed to get students interested in careers that focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Sounds like a cool event!

"The FIRST booth was definitely a show stopper," a LA FIRST rep told us via email. "Three FIRST Robotics Challenge students were there to share their FIRST experience ... a fantastic day for sure."

MOTION MONDAY CHALLENGE Of course, given the day, we have to turn this post into what we call our #MotionMonday challenge — a start-of-the-work week game designed to get you ready and mentally engaged in the week ahead. So [ download our word search ] and have a crack at our next challenge. If you get it right, email us the results to win a prize. If you need some help, email us for an answer key. All the best and happy #MotionMonday, friends!