Thursday, April 5, 2012

Top 10 Twitter Posts — Week 14: Facebook Privacy, Skeletons in the Closet and Reality-Augmenting Eyewear

We love this time of week — when we get to revisit all of our Twitter fun. And a lot of it came from you, our fellow tweeps whose links, quips and feedback kept us engaged and interested through the work week. It's a fun job staying in touch with all of you. Here's what blinked on our radar screen since Monday. We're off for a three-day weekend, so the conversation will die down a little, but come next week, follow the twitter talk @BWCnews!

1. Wake-Up Call About Facebook Privacy on When you "check in" to a location on Facebook, that info's publicly available unless you specified otherwise in your privacy settings. This article talks about how this one app called "Girls Around Me" mines your FourSquare and Facebook check-ins to broadcast your location to the app's users. Maybe you knew, maybe you didn't. If anything, here's a wake-up call to think twice before announcing to the world where you're hanging out. If that app falls into the wrong hands ... well, so could you. What do you think?

2. We're Fools for Being Number One on BWC President Pamela Kan talks about the United State's dubious distinction of having the highest corporate tax rate in the world. Your thoughts? Check out the comments on her blog and tell us what you think.

3. Yale Offers Free Online Courses on It's a trend a lot of big-name higher ed institutions are following — sharing their courses online for free to anyone willing to sign up. It's neat to see education becoming so democratized in the Internet age, even if it doesn't come with the same diploma at the end. The content is there for all to use!

4. Tips for Building a Successful G+ Brand Page on We're all still figuring out how to use the (relatively) new social media platform here, so we welcome any new tips about how to make the most of it marketing-wise. Here's a helpful article we found through Vocus.

5. Scissor Spider Sculptures on No news here, just a cool link to some eccentric arachnid sculptures made from repurposed scissors. Super cool and kinda creepy!

Credit: Andrea Baldeck
6. Skeletons in the Closet Get Their Star Turn via Discover Magazine: A photographer went behind the scenes at a German medical museum and snapped some super fascinating photos of odd medical devices, instruments, specimens, textbooks and illustrations. It's all compiled in a recently published book titled Bones, Books and Bell Jars.

7. Ten Industries Bouncing Back on MSN Money: Government reports of lower unemployment claims suggest the economy's bouncing back. Here's an easy-to-read summary of which industries are driving that recovery and why.

8. Packaging Made of Mushrooms on Packaging World: Biomaterials are becoming more and more common in the packaging world. One new form, we learned this week, is a material made from mushrooms grown using agricultural waste. Low-tech innovation!

9. Former McLain Basketball Standout — Johnny Craven — Recalls Great Games Against Hornets on the Tulsa World Sports Extra: Our Machine Shop Foreman Johnny Craven got quoted in a newspaper earlier in the week. Didn't realize until then he was a basketball superstar back in the day! Go Craven!

10. Google Releases Preview of Augmented Reality Glasses on More news to remind us that we're living in the future, you guys. Google launched a prototype of some smart glasses that "augment reality" much in the way a smart phone does with scanner apps. Super sleek!