Friday, March 23, 2012

Top 10 Twitter Posts — Week 12, Meet a Mechanical Squirrel

We're hitting the home stretch of National Women's History Month with a bang, reflecting on the accomplishments of women in manufacturing, science, technology and other fields. As a woman-owned manufacturer, we're proud of our place in that history. But our tweets this week touched on subjects ranging from the history to the futuristic — you'll just have to read on to see. For the coming week, follow us at @BWCnews, friends, and happy tweeting!

1. Women at Work on Throughout history, women have labored at home, on the farm and eventually in factories. We stumbled across this website of photos from the National Archive and Records Administration, which shows a pictorial history of women in the U.S. workplace, from the turn of the last century to the one before.

2. The World is Not Ready ... via Facebook: "The world is not ready for something as awesome as Bat Vader," the meme says. We found this one through one of our friends on Facebook. Check it out — we laughed!

3. A Robot Squirrel on Fast Company: This magazine has a feature that sums up "the week in robots." This week's edition featured some pretty entertaining video clips, including one of a squirrel robot that's baiting a tensed-up snake. Cool stuff!

4. More People on Our Planet Have a Mobile Phone Than a Toilet on This is one of several facts that took us aback about the world's water supply and how so many people across the globe struggle to find access to healthy water sources. Sobering realization. Definitely reminds us not to take for granted that water cooler down the hall.

5. Time's Top 140 Twitter Feeds on Time Magazine: OK, we geeked out hard over this one. Time compiled its favorite Twitter handles of 2012, a list that includes tons of really great-to-follow accounts, including lots of science-y ones like @AsteroidWatch and Bill Nye @TheScienceGuy.

Credit: Make Magazine
6. The DIY Bobbinator in Make Magazine: Something else to geek out over — this homemade "bobbinator" project that some inventor posted in this DIY magazine. It's a little how-to guide to making cheap linear actuators out of sewing machine bobbins. Clever!

7. Why B2B Companies Need to Up Their Communications Game on Fast Company: Can you tell we love Fast Company? Seriously, provides some of the best, most tweetable reads of the week. Earlier on Monday, we took a lot away from this article about how business-to-business marketing needs to take a page from straight-to-consumer PR practice. Because, as we say around here, no matter B2C or B2B, you're still marketing from person-to-person. Good read!

8. It's World Water Day via @NASA: More tweets about water! This one's to a link that takes you to a stunning photo of our water-doused planet from outer space. It's accompanied by a fascinating fact-sheet about the liquid life-giver that's all around us. Cheers to that!

9. Design World Motion Control Newsletter via Design World: Good to see all those BWC faces in today's e-newsletter sent out by Design World. Also lots of interesting links to articles about motion control. Check it out!

10. Robotic Invasion on Product Design & Development: Didn't know until today that there's some international robotics conference in Lyon, France, where industry  types show off the latest, greatest technology in the big bad world of robots. Watch the video!