Friday, March 16, 2012

Top 10 Twitter Posts – Week 11

New hires, new blogs posts, Pi Day — these all occupied our time this week and popped up in our Twitter feed here and there. It's always interesting to go back and review all the things that caught our fleeting tweeting attention since the week started. Here's a sample of what did ... to stay in the loop in the future, follow us at @BWCnews. "See" you next week!

1. To Find New Audiences, Reach Out to the Fringes on One of the folks in charge of marketing for Thrillist — a website for foodies nightlife enthusiasts — says one of the best way to grow your audience is to actually work with "would-be competitors to find new fans." Oh really? Go on ...

Credit: Bishop-Wisecarver
2. We Hired a New VP of Marketing on Crazy how many new hires climbed aboard so far this year, isn't it? The latest is Eva Woo, our energetic, forward-thinking Vice President of Marketing. She joined us in early March and we're super excited to work with someone who geeks out as much as we do about linear motion, rotary motion and big bad world of engineering. Welcome to the team, Eva!

3. America's War on Manufacturing on As some lawmakers started asking for tax breaks and other ways to support domestic manufacturing, some economists are opposing those kinds of industrial policies, says this article. That only hurts the U.S. economy, so why the attacks on U.S. manufacturing? "Rather than opposing industrial policy, economists should be promoting one that could boost long-term wealth creation," the author writes. "Manufacturing would then be treated at least as kindly as banking and finance." We couldn't have said it better. Read the rest by clicking the above link.

4. Someone Help Me! Is There a Machinist in the House? on Bishop-Wisecarver President Pamela Kan makes a case for the importance of manufacturing and machine shop jobs in her latest blog post. She decries the faulty notion that cutting-edge technology has somehow rendered manufacturing obsolete. Um, NO! Technology actually boosts manufacturing — almost every machine is run by a computer, she writes. And newsflash: Those machines don't program themselves. Good read, this one. Make sure to read the rest of her thoughts — and feel free to comment!

5. It's Pi Day, Pi Day, Gotta Get Down on Pi Day on YouTube: So Pi Day came and went, and with it countless jokes, parodies and interesting facts about the history of this endless mathematical constant. The thing that stuck in our minds, though? This parody of that terrible, terrible Rebecca Black song ("Friday," remember that?). You gotta watch it, even though Pi Day was so two days ago.

6. Companies with More Gender Diversity Perform Better on Fast Company: Since we're a certified woman-owned manufacturer, we can attest to the fact that a more gender-diverse workplace only improves the  vision of a company. And since March is Women's History Month, it's a fitting time to reflect on all the progress we've made toward gender equality — and all the progress that's yet to be made.
Credit: AP

7. The Ultimate Star Wars Bedroom on Star Wars fans, prepare to geek out — it's the bedroom of your dreams! Check it. You'll see what we're talking about.

8. Brilliant Show of Northern Lights on Remember those solar flares that hit the headlines last week? Well they caused a spectacular display of northern lights, or auroras, in some parts of North America. Product Design and Development mag published a really cool series of photos of them. Gorgeous!

9. Learn Geometry — How to Calculate Pi on YouTube: Another Pi Day find! Julie Clark, a high school math teacher, breaks this down in really easy to understand terms. While you're at it, check out the other videos in her series!

10. Tiny Wearable Kinetic Sculptures on Not sure how useful these are, but they're lovely to look at. It's like a set of wings for your fingers ... uh, that sounds weird. You just have to click the link to see what we're talking about!