Friday, March 9, 2012

Q&A with Vice President of Manufacturing Aldo DeAmicis

Aldo DeAmicis joined Bishop-Wisecarver about a month ago as our Vice President of Manufacturing [ check out his press release ]. Since he's had a little time to settle into his new role, we thought we'd steal a few more minutes of his time for a quick interview.

We wrote about his hire at the end of February, but since then we've learned a lot more about him. Like about how he plays hockey whenever he gets the chance (he was raised in C-eh-N-eh-D-eh, so of course that's his favorite sport). Or how he had to get special written permission to have an arm tattoo to get his job as a U.S. military intelligence officer. Or how he's an ardent scholar of lean manufacturing.

It's definitely exciting to have him on our team, and we will check in with him every so often to pick his brain (we'll share those conversations right here on our blog). Got a question of your own to ask him? Let us know and we'll pass it along. Just email them to

Question: You came from a big corporate background. What led you to join forces with a smaller family-owned manufacturer?

Answer: I felt that I could bring my knowledge of large corporate processes to a smaller company to propel efficiencies at Bishop-Wisecarver. Also, BWC's can-do attitude and dedication to customer service is inspiring.

Question: What have been some of your proudest moments, personal or professional?
Answer: Personally, the proudest moment of my life was becoming a father. Professionally, the day I graduated from Marine Corps boot camp holds a special place in my memory as a significant mental and physical accomplishment.

Question: Why did you pursue manufacturing as a career in the first place?
Answer: I enjoy the creation of tangible products. By working at a company that manufactures something, a piece of your legacy is embedded in that technology.  

Question: How does your military experience affect your leadership style?
Answer:  Being a leader of U.S. Marines has had a profound impact on my leadership style. Often people think that military leadership is purely autocratic; however I learned that a leader that respects input from all levels and leads by example are the most successful leaders.

Question: You’re big on lean manufacturing. Why?
Answer: In today’s competitive global market a company that does not embrace lean will not likely survive. By aggressively using tools that comprise lean manufacturing, Bishop-Wisecarver gains a competitive advantage and adds value to our products by completing production orders on time with minimal waste.

Question: What are a few of your goals for Bishop-Wisecarver during your first year?
Answer: My intent is to not only transform the factory floor to incorporate 21st Century technology and lean manufacturing but also to engage office personnel to go to the place value is added: the production floor. By actively participating in production floor walks or GEMBA walks we involve all employees in lean thinking.

Question: Favorite sport? Which team?
Answer: I like hockey. Growing up in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada gave me the opportunity to learn the game as a youth and I continue to play in an adult league in San Jose, CA. Since there is no NHL team in my hometown, I have adopted the San Jose Sharks as my home team.

Question: What's your favorite quote?
Answer: Wayne Gretzky said, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” I do not want to imply by liking this quote that I have mad hockey skills like “The Great One." However, to me, the quote transcends the sport and applies to life personally and professionally. By projecting ahead to what might happen keeps you relevant and drives you to position yourself to receive that advantage.