Monday, March 12, 2012

Motion Monday Puzzle: Rolling Around in a Rhoades

LOW-TECH, HIGH EFFICIENCY Let's keep things moving on this lovely #MotionMonday with a jigsaw puzzle! We picked this fun, visual challenge today because it's time you see photos of the latest vehicle to hit our plant floor. It's called a Rhoades car, and it's basically a four-wheeled bicycle with a little pickup-style bed to cart things around.

Our HR manager and president picked it out a month or so ago to make life easier for people who need to cart things around our massive warehouse. It's pretty cool, actually, and the company that makes it has an interesting history, which you can read about here.

MADE IN THE USA The company that makes these bikes prides itself on keeping about 80 percent of its parts and assembly in the United States. That's definitely something to brag about. As an American manufacturer of linear and rotary motion guides ourselves, we can appreciate the pride that goes into a true "made in the USA" product.

IN THE NEWS The Rhoades car garnered a lot of press throughout the last couple decades. Recently, Yahoo News wrote a piece on it, talking about how the quad bikes come in motorized and non-motorized versions, industrial or residential. Fancy that!

SEE FOR YOURSELF As proud owners of a shiny new Rhoades car, we'd like to show it off a little. But to see the picture you'll have to get a move on and start piecing together this mess of a Motion Monday jigsaw. Good luck! Don't forget to download the latest Java plug-in for your web browser.

Directions: You can click on pieces and drag around the board. Also, if you need to spin a piece, click on the shape with your mouse then click your keyboard arrows.