Friday, February 10, 2012

Our Weekly List of Top 10 Twitter Posts — Week 6

The middle of the month snuck up on us — any plans for Valentine's Day? It's only too bad it doesn't fall on a weekend, right? OK, switch from looking ahead to looking behind at the past week of memorable Twitter tidbits, from the newsworthy to the quirky and trivial. We got you covered, just stay in the loop by following us at @BWCnews.

Credit: Maker Faire
1. The Maker Faire 2012 via Want to see what some of the nation's most creative, inventive minds are up to? Visit the annual Maker Faire in the Bay Area this year if you're around. It's a fascinating event that showcases brilliant inventions, from the whimsical to the utilitarian. Bishop-Wisecarver attended last year and plan to give it another go this May. Hopefully, we'll see you there!

2. Berkeley Company Aims to End an Age of Waste in the New York Times/The Bay Citizen: Here's another local story, one about a company in our own backyard that re-sells pretty much anything except guns, car parts and hazardous chemicals. It's a great place to find slabs of marble, old claw-foot bathtubs, industrial parts and anything else that folks choose to drop off. Pretty neat!

3. Black Inventors Video on YouTube: In honor of Black History Month, here's a look at some everyday items you may use that were created by African-American inventors. So next time you use your cell phone or pick up a microphone, realize its place in African-American history. Some food for thought.

Credit: Bazaar/Getty Images
4. Helicopter Parents Hover in the Workplace on NPR: Talk about pushy parenting! This article talks about a growing trend of meddlesome parents calling employers to give their beloved grown children a reference. Hmmm ... maybe this is why millennials are so slow to grow up?

5. Getting a Caffeine Fix as Easy as Taking a Deep Breath on PD&D: Sick of coffee? How about inhaling your caffeine! A new product developed by a Harvard professor compresses caffeinated air into a lipstick-sized tube for people to huff. Don't know about you, but this doesn't sound like the healthiest thing — we'll stick to our morning cup o' joe.

6. U Penn Hosts FIRST Lego League Robotics Tournament on We're proud FIRST sponsors in the Bay Area, so we always stay on top of the nonprofit's news. Did you know they have a Lego League, too? It's pretty cool — kids engineer robots composed of the popular building blocks. Here's an article about one of the league's recent competitions on the East Coast.

7. Can American Manufacturing Really be a Cornerstone to Modern Economic Revival? on the Christian Science Monitor: Here's the latest in the national news coverage of U.S. manufacturing and how well it can drive the economic engine or compete in a global economy. Interesting angle here!

Credit: Discover Magazine
8. Why Robots Need Psychologists on the Bishop-Wisecarver Daily: Robopsychology is generally defined as the study of an intelligent machine's behavior and personality. It's a profession that popped up in some of Isaac Asimov's sci-fi about artificial intelligence. But now, some researchers are starting to fit that role in reality, one of them says she's coaching her robot to do stand-up comedy and other developing artificial intelligence and fixing maladtaptive behaviors as they crop up.

9. BWC a Runner-Up for National/International B2B Manufacturer Twitter of the Year Award: We were thrilled to land a runner-up spot considering the winner was the Twitter-master Kyle Thill of @ToyoaEquipment. By the way, big congrats to you, Kyle! The winners were nominated, voted on and judged based on all-around personality and some other factors. It's a pleasure to come in second to one of our favorite Twittter pals!

10. Wanna Figure Out if Your Product is Any Good? Think Like a News Editor via Fast Company: As former journalists, we can vet this idea. Got a new product in the works? Measure its relevance by asking whether it would be newsworthy. If it's truly innovative, it will be and you'll get a whole lot of marketing play out of it. Interesting point — does it apply to any of your about-to-launch products?
Credit: Fast Company