Friday, February 3, 2012

Our Weekly List of Top 10 Twitter Posts — Week 5

February — it's a Leap Year this time around, so let's leap into the month with a band-up roundup of our favorite tweets this week. Think we missed something? Next time, nominate your tweets of note straight to us @BWCnews. Happy tweeting!

Credit: Popular Science
1. People Flying, Superhero Style, Over New York City on the Bishop-Wisecarver Daily: No need to re-check your meds — you may actually have seen what appeared to be people looping above the Big Apple skyline. The flying figures were actually human-shaped remote-controlled aircraft flown around by some PR agency to promote an upcoming feature film. Marketing magic!

2. The Math/Science Degree Shortage on It's an oft-storied discrepancy, but we haven't yet seen it in infographic form. Here's the problem  laid out from top to bottom — pretty eye-opening and an interesting way of looking at it from a fresh view. According to the studies that made up this chart, most high schoolers interested in science, technology, engineering and math choose not to pursue those degrees in college. What can we do to buck that trend?

3. Factory Careers Are Where It's At on An uptick in post-recession factory orders and a coming wave of retiring workers mean young people should seriously consider factory jobs as a career, according to industry experts trying to attract new blood to a growing field.

4. Pinterest Drive More Traffic Than G+, YouTube and LinkedIn Combined on Who woulda thunk? That online "vision board" where people tag things that inspire them? Yup, according to this survey, the booming online bulletin, which received about 7.2 million unique visitors in December alone, directs more viewers to your site than some of the major brand social media channels like G+ and YouTube. Of course, we had to jump on the bandwagon — follow us on Pinterest at

5. Rap Music Powers Rhythmic Action of Medical Sensor on When music and science unite! This article explains how the rhythmic bass from music — rap in particular — can be harnessed to power a mini medical sensor that could help people recovering from an aneurism or suffering from incontinence because of paralysis. I wonder if the scientists who discovered this should solicit Dr. Dre to fund their research!

6. AOL/HuffPo to Launch a Live Online Broadcast News Network on PD&D: HuffPo founder Arianna Huffington touts it as a new media game-changer. The plan? Start a 12-hour-a-day streaming news network to compete with other broadcast channels. What do you think of the plan? More and more people get their news online anyway, right?

7. Introducing Infographics for Engineers on Yeah, we know we plugged this feature earlier this week already ... but bear with us! It's really cool! We're going to create a new engineer-related infographic every month this year and upload it online. From everything on linear guides wheels to curvilinear technologies! Your job is to download, print and hang up at the office. Tell us what you think!

8. Using Morse Code to Tweet on There's actually a 19 Century-lookin' device that allows you to tweet via Morse Code. Talk about some crazy steampunk contraption! It's call the Tworse Key, and it's worth checking out as a gift for maybe the tech geek/history buff in your life.

9. Have You Thanked Your Mentors Lately? on January, as we previously wrote, was National Mentoring Month, a time to think about the people who have been influential in your life or a time to take someone under your wing for a little guidance. BWC President Pamela Kan penned a list of her own mentors, which we found very inspiring. Who do you look up to?

10. An Apt Musical for the Age of Information Overload on We play the social media game like pros, so we totally relate to the frenzy of texting, Facebooking, Googling, tweeting and all else alike. It's why this little number landed on our to-watch list — Digitals: A Musical, Sort of by filmmaker Chris Crutchfield. As put it, "Being wired has its perked, but there are times when it can feel pretty intimidating." Take that as a reminder to unplug this weekend!

Credit: Chris Crutchfield