Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Introducing Infographics for Engineers

Exciting development here, people! We just launched a new feature on our site — an infographics page! Just one of many pages being added to our new website this year.

Ever heard of an infographic? They're basically a printer-friendly poster that lays out an idea with bold images and punchy text, concepts tougher to explain using just words. Think of a map, advertisements or educational charts — they're often presented as infographics.

So why'd we start making them? We noticed there aren't really any engineering-related infographics out on the internet ... at least none that we found. So to buck the trend, or lack thereof, we decided to launch a yearlong series of different posters with a chart that lays out the history and features of our signature product: The DualVee Guide Wheel. Each month we will share a poster on various linear motion products, technologies and other related engineering stuff!

Tell us what you think! Print our a poster, share it online and zap us an email if you've got an idea for a future topic. We had fun making this one — can't wait for the second installment!