Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sloughing Off Sawdust, Wood Chips and Debris with Linear Guide Wheel Technology That Handles Harsh Environments

A company that manufactures and supplies prefabricated log homes created a multi-axis guide machine that carves notches into big, heavy logs. The system is constantly bombarded with sawdust and wood chips because of all the sawing, so the customer needed a sturdy automation system able to endure a heavy duty, dust-and-debris-filled environment.

SOLUTION: To battle this harsh environment challenge, the manufacturer integrated our well-known [ Dualvee® ] guide wheels and track into the guidance machine. Dualvee Motion Technology® was chosen because its bearing elements are self-contained, providing isolation from possible contaminants that could cause bearings to fail. Plus, its 90-degree low maintenance vee shape acts as a velocity gradient, sweeping debris off the tracks. The manufacturer said the wheels showed no wear and tear, even after a full year-and-a-half of operation without lubrication. Now that's pretty incredible!