Thursday, December 1, 2011

High-Speed Motion Control for Blister-Packed Razors

  • Assembling and packaging men's razors
  • Create a high-speed conveyor to save time and money
  • Ensure precise indexing from station to station

PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER: Using the continuous motion DTS to assemble and fill blister-packs, this manufacturer was able to pack up to 60 men's razors a minute. Now that's fast!

The design team utilized two belt-driven track system units — one that's 7-by-2 meters with 56 carriages and another that's 2.5-by-1.3 meters with 20 carriages. The smaller rotary track unit transferred razors to the larger unit for assembly and packing, while indexing drives ensured smooth stops and starts at each station.

You can find systems like this one working 'round the clock at various manufacturing and packaging plants across the globe — when it comes to high-speed packaging, it's important to use linear guides, slides, rotary tracks and segments capable of keeping up with your high demands.

BENEFITS: High speed means more products-per-minute and profitability growth, durability, heavy load capacity and precision locking.