Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Crushing Stones with "Shocking" Accuracy


Challenge: The customer designs therapy machines to crush kidney/gall stones by a piezoelectric shock wave treatment. The original system used an aluminum guide with two segments. However, inaccuracies were occuring due to deposits from the aluminum and the inability of the guide to handle the 20kg weight especially at the upper 55 degree position. The challenge was to design an application that could accurately position and easily move the therapy source with a minimal amount of friction.

Application Description: The very compact piezoelectric thereapy head is mounted on a 110 degree ring segment. It is moved manually and weighs approximately 20kg.

Solution: Since stainless steel is the preferred material for such an application, a Hepco Ring segment ground all over provided good load carrying capacity and a high level of corrosion resistance. The ring segment also had the required precision to enable the exact location of the kidney or gall stone to be attacked without affecting the surrounding tissue. Because the vee bearing technology has low friction characteristics and allows applications to operate without lubrication, the therapy machine can run dry avoiding possible contamination.

Products Used: HepcoMotion precision ring segment

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Q&A with Mechanical Engineer Ricardo Iraheta

Get to know Bishop-Wisecarver's Mechanical Engineer Ricardo Iraheta!

The bilingual speaker joined our company in December of 2008. He is one of two Spanish speaking mechanical engineers on our world-class engineering team. Originally from San Salvador, El Salvador, Iraheta holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Question: Why did you want to be an engineer?
Answer: Because I have always liked to solve problems.

Question: Who was your biggest influence in becoming an engineer?
Answer: When I was a kid, my neighbors were engineering students. I would spend a lot of time with them and I would see their projects. It caught my attention. My interest in engineering was born. Then, when I was in high school, my physics teacher was a mechanical engineer. He was awesome. It was because of him that I picked mechanical engineering.

Question: What kind of job experience did you have before joining the BWC team?
Answer: None. This is my first job right after college.

Question: What do you enjoy most about being an engineer?
Answer: The ability to use your imagination.

Question: Any advice to aspiring mechanical engineers?
 Answer: Don't be afraid to share your ideas and to put your imagination to work, but most importantly, don't be afraid to make mistakes and to ask for help. Also, never give up on your dreams.

Question: What's the most rewarding thing about being an Engineer?
Answer: My customer's satisfaction. To be able to help a customer make the right choice. To be a leader.

Question: What do you like to do outside of work?
Answer: I love soccer (the real football, lol). I have been playing it ever since I remember. I also enjoy listening to music, although to be honest, after driving so much, I don't even listen to the radio anymore. Also, I definitely like going to the movies. My favorite types of movies are mystery, historical and of course, comedy.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Engineering Services by Leslie Lui Mechanical Design Engineer

Bishop-Wisecarver's applications engineers field many calls every day to answer technical questions and offer advice to customers who are in search of the best solutions for their linear motion applications. Bishop-Wisecarver invented the ground-breaking DualVee Motion Technology® more than 38 years ago and offers the widest range of standard linear guide wheel components, such as 6 sizes of DualVee® wheels, 5 sizes of track, and associated hardware. Alternatively, Bishop-Wisecarver can provide short runs of “custom” wheels engineered to customer requirements, such as special greases for specific applications. For example, our low temperature wheel is rated for use down to -94°F (-70°C) and is ideal for refrigeration and sub-zero climate applications while our high temperature wheel is rated up to +500°F (+260°C) to meet the demands of welding, plasma cutting and baking applications. Many other options are available; contact us to find out more.

More complex solutions may include a full customization of one of Bishop-Wisecarver’s linear actuator or guide systems. Our LoPro® systems are available undriven or in belt, chain, lead or ball screw drive configurations and easily withstand aggressive operational environments. All system features are customizable, including length - driven actuator systems up to 25m in length have been supplied while un-driven slide systems can have unlimited lengths.

Bishop-Wisecarver’s technical resources include applications, mechanical, materials, and manufacturing engineers. Bishop-Wisecarver is equipped with the latest engineering tools, including computer aided design and computer aided engineering software, R&D test equipment, and inspection/measurement equipment. We partner with our customers to design new products that meet the exact needs of their specific applications. After the designs have been reviewed and approved by the customer, Bishop-Wisecarver can provide prototype samples fabricated from our state-of-the-art machine shop for verification by the customer or, by request, can perform in-house product qualification testing. Once accepted, our production capability can be scaled-up to meet large volume requirements.

Bishop-Wisecarver strives to exceed our customers’ expectations and to provide easy access to custom-engineered solutions. Bishop-Wisecarver’s engineering resources are flexible and can be quickly reallocated to ensure that our services, whether custom solutions or technical consultations, satisfy customer demand and meet on-time delivery.

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Linear Guide Wheels Gone Bad? Consider the Following

Bearings gone bad? Like any component you buy for your application, it's important to find quality products from a company you can count on, backed by the engineering support you deserve. Consider the following when sourcing linear guide wheels:

Are You Buying From the Recognized Industry Leader? Wheels can come from numerous plants with varying degrees of consistency, capability and quality control. Bishop-Wisecarver’s industry preferred products are the result of our control over all aspects of the specifications. Our quality speaks for itself.

Are You Buying Recognized, Documented Quality? Quality variation is not only an issue between manufactured lots, but also within wheel lots, which can leave you with field failures and upset customers. Contact angles can range from 7 degrees to 40 degrees, creating unpredictable load handling capabilities. Bishop-Wisecarver wheels have the same contact angle lot-to-lot every time, yielding reliable load handling capabilities.

Are you comfortable with the Metallurgy? Inconsistent steel sourcing leads to inconsistent quality. Bishop-Wisecarver bearing steel comes only from certified steel mills. Variation in steel leads to early wear and more downtime. All of Bishop-Wisecarver’s steel is certified to AISI standards for metallurgical content and performance.

Do the Bearings Have a Long Life? Controlled testing has shown that poor quality guide wheels regularly perform 40-60% below Bishop-Wisecarver’s wheels. Bishop-Wisecarvers’ wheels have extreme linear life, allowing for consistent and reliable operation of your equipment, resulting in less downtime and reduced costs.


Are You Getting the Engineering Support You Deserve? Our application engineers have been designing v wheel based solutions since we first designed and patented the wheel in 1972. They are eager to assist you with your application. From properly sizing your system, to life and load calculations, we offer complete technical support. Bishop-Wisecarver offers custom bearing designs to fit your application as well as specialized wheel solutions for food, clean room, vacuum, high and low temperature applications.

Does the Company Offer Linear Track? Most manufacturers do not offer v profile track. If they do, they typically do not produce their own track. Your order must wait while other suppliers try to fill your request. Bishop-Wisecarver manufacturers a complete range of single and double edge track in the US. We can ship undrilled or predrilled carbon steel, stainless steel, and corrosion resistant track immediately from stock. Custom drilled track is usually shipped within 72 hours and unlike some companies lengths up to 20 feet are no problem.

Does the Company Offer a Written Warranty? Suppliers of other v wheels often provide no enforceable warranty against defects or poor workmanship. Bishop-Wisecarver provides a written three year warranty on our bearings and a written one year limited warranty on all other products, assuring the customer that its products conform to published specifications and are free from defects in material and workmanship.

Do You Want A Reputable, Industry Leader as Your Supplier? Bishop-Wisecarver remains the proven market leader in v guide wheel technologies with more than 40 years of experience serving a multitude of industries.

Friday, August 13, 2010

PAPER INDUSTRY: Guide Wheel System Properties, Selection & Sizing

By Brett Frederick, Project Engineer with C.G. Bretting Manufacturing and Kevin Kegel, Assembly Specialist with C.G. Bretting Manufacturing

Paper dust particulates wreak havoc with just about every aspect of paper converting machinery, and especially the bearings. Linear guides, planar bearings and shafts, even with wipers, lubricators, scrapers or bellows, tend to draw particulates into the bearings. Without adequate protection, paper dust mixes with bearing lubricant and damages bearing raceways and balls. We found Bishop-Wisecarver’s DualVee® guide-wheel carriages protected the bearings and track from particulates, resulting in higher machine performance ratings without sacrificing accuracy [ VIEW FULL PDF ]

President of Bishop-Wisecarver Quoted in Wall Street Journal

Firms Spend More—Carefully
Equipment Purchases Make Up for Recession
Cutbacks, Not to Raise Production    


[ VIEW ] the article on Pamela's blog!

Monday, August 9, 2010

HDS2: Automotive Application - Drive Shaft Handling

The HDS2 product line by HepcoMotion® exclusively from Bishop-Wisecarver -- large increased load capacity bearings, construction beams in two sizes, single edge v slides and flat track, and a variety of drive options. Stainless steel and corrosion resistant components come standard, making this product line an ideal solution for many high load applications.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Making Solar Panel Transporting Easy by Bishop-Wisecarver

A Solar panel processing company needed a linear transmission system to transport large bulky, yet fragile solar panels throughout their assembly process. The application required a system that could handle a 10 meter travel length, a 2,000 pound load, and a harsh environment of glass partials and silicone dust. The HepcoMotion HDS2 Heavy Duty Slide System was the perfect solution for this demanding application. As an additional benefit, HDS2 can be assembled, shipped and re-assembled anywhere in the world due to its modular building block system.

Why Bishop-Wisecarver’s HepcoMotion HDS2 system was chosen: 
• Capable of carrying a large footprint 1 meter x 1 meter 2,000 payload
• Performs well in virtually any environment, specifically glass dust and silicone
• Provides excellent accuracy and smooth motion
• Compliance and easy to install
• Low cost of ownership
• Modular design can be assembled, shipped and re-assembled anywhere in the world]
• Process can be repeated, expanded upon and maintained globally

Bishop-Wisecarver’s broad product range and engineering expertise are available to meet all your solar industry needs. Have a question? Use our easy online form, or call!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Customer Service Representative / Backup Receptionist

08/2/2010: We currently have a full time position open for a Customer Service Representative / Backup Receptionist [ VIEW ORIGINAL POST ]

Customer Service duties include order entry, quote processing, main contact for distributors, contacting customers regarding order issues and customer satisfaction, filing, processing returns and telemarketing. Backup Receptionist duties include handling a 16 line Nortel phone system, greeting visitors, inputting sales leads, catalog fulfillment, UPS labels, and mailing needs for the company.

We are looking for an outgoing, enthusiastic, positive team player who communicates effectively, can multi-task in an often fast-paced environment, responds positively to direction and is proactive to insure customer satisfaction.

Additional requirements: high school graduate, some customer service experience, computer skills, typing speed of 35wpm and basic math skills including understanding fractions, familiarity with metrics and length conversions.

Please submit your resume (Word document), cover letter and salary requirements to hr@bwc.com. Please include Customer Service Representative in your subject line.

Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation is an equal opportunity employer, we do not discriminate against employees or applicants on the basis of race, creed, color, religious belief, sex, age, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, marital status, physical or mental handicap, veteran status, or any other basis protected by Federal, State or local law or ordinance.