Monday, August 16, 2010

Linear Guide Wheels Gone Bad? Consider the Following

Bearings gone bad? Like any component you buy for your application, it's important to find quality products from a company you can count on, backed by the engineering support you deserve. Consider the following when sourcing linear guide wheels:

Are You Buying From the Recognized Industry Leader? Wheels can come from numerous plants with varying degrees of consistency, capability and quality control. Bishop-Wisecarver’s industry preferred products are the result of our control over all aspects of the specifications. Our quality speaks for itself.

Are You Buying Recognized, Documented Quality? Quality variation is not only an issue between manufactured lots, but also within wheel lots, which can leave you with field failures and upset customers. Contact angles can range from 7 degrees to 40 degrees, creating unpredictable load handling capabilities. Bishop-Wisecarver wheels have the same contact angle lot-to-lot every time, yielding reliable load handling capabilities.

Are you comfortable with the Metallurgy? Inconsistent steel sourcing leads to inconsistent quality. Bishop-Wisecarver bearing steel comes only from certified steel mills. Variation in steel leads to early wear and more downtime. All of Bishop-Wisecarver’s steel is certified to AISI standards for metallurgical content and performance.

Do the Bearings Have a Long Life? Controlled testing has shown that poor quality guide wheels regularly perform 40-60% below Bishop-Wisecarver’s wheels. Bishop-Wisecarvers’ wheels have extreme linear life, allowing for consistent and reliable operation of your equipment, resulting in less downtime and reduced costs.


Are You Getting the Engineering Support You Deserve? Our application engineers have been designing v wheel based solutions since we first designed and patented the wheel in 1972. They are eager to assist you with your application. From properly sizing your system, to life and load calculations, we offer complete technical support. Bishop-Wisecarver offers custom bearing designs to fit your application as well as specialized wheel solutions for food, clean room, vacuum, high and low temperature applications.

Does the Company Offer Linear Track? Most manufacturers do not offer v profile track. If they do, they typically do not produce their own track. Your order must wait while other suppliers try to fill your request. Bishop-Wisecarver manufacturers a complete range of single and double edge track in the US. We can ship undrilled or predrilled carbon steel, stainless steel, and corrosion resistant track immediately from stock. Custom drilled track is usually shipped within 72 hours and unlike some companies lengths up to 20 feet are no problem.

Does the Company Offer a Written Warranty? Suppliers of other v wheels often provide no enforceable warranty against defects or poor workmanship. Bishop-Wisecarver provides a written three year warranty on our bearings and a written one year limited warranty on all other products, assuring the customer that its products conform to published specifications and are free from defects in material and workmanship.

Do You Want A Reputable, Industry Leader as Your Supplier? Bishop-Wisecarver remains the proven market leader in v guide wheel technologies with more than 40 years of experience serving a multitude of industries.