Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Food Processing Equipment: Maximize up time with DualVee®

Originally designed for harsh environment applications where existing technologies were ineffective, these v groove bearings excel in extreme conditions. The v design creates a velocity gradient, which results in a constant sweeping action that cleans debris from the track. DualVee’s bearing elements are completely sealed and isolated from the environment. Grease is not under attack from constant exposure to water or contaminants, which can cause early failure in exposed bearings, making DualVee a durable and reliable choice for this demanding industry.

• Longer life keeps equipment up and running
• Install or replace in minutes • Speeds to 5.5 m/s
• Acceleration to 5 g’s
• Tolerant of temperatures as cold as -20° C
• High temperature and clean room options available
• Self-cleaning action sweeps debris from the track
• High accuracy and repeatability
• Can run completely dry (no grease); FDA approved grease available, or specify your own


Monday, July 26, 2010

Comparison of Properties in 70˚ and 90˚ V Groove Guide Wheels

By Leslie Lui, Mechanical Design Engineer 

The two most common V angles in V groove guide wheels are 70˚ and 90˚. The difference in V angle causes each type of wheel to have advantages and disadvantages over the other, and users should select the wheel type that best meet their specific application requirements. Seventy degree groove guide wheels are better suited for applications where a low profile wheel and precise wheel-track alignment are required. Ninety degree groove guide wheels are better suited for applications where a small wheel diameter and high load capacity are required... continued [ VIEW FULL ARTICLE ]

Friday, July 23, 2010

Customer Challenge: Smooth Motion Needed for Plastic Bottle Inspection

Continuous smooth motion allows efficient and high speed inspection on the hardest-to-handle bottles

Probe head automatically follows and tests bottles for leaks as they travel down the conveyor

A manufacturer of on-line leak detection equipment for the plastic container manufacturing industry was using profile rail technology, which did not perform well with the required accelerations and required frequent maintenance and repairs. The manufacturer needed a solution that could keep up with the speeds and accelerations required, provide uninterrupted service for a longer period of time, and fit their current fixture without costly re-design.

[ VIEW FULLY STORY ] See how Bishop-Wisecarver solved their challenge!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bishop-Wisecarver Promotes National Sales Manager

Michael McVeigh Appointed to Vice President of Sales

Pittsburg, CA - - July 20, 2010 -- National Sales Manager Michael McVeigh has been promoted to Vice President of Sales. McVeigh will oversee the entire sales channel for Bishop-Wisecarver, and manage all global efforts both domestically and internationally.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Motion Monday: Smooth Motion for Fast, Accurate Testing

CHALLENGE Beta Instruments — a manufacturer of various mechatronic, mechanical and robotic solutions — needed a large ring bearing, and was unimpressed with the high cost and implementation difficulty of standard slewing type ring bearings.

The application requirements specific that the ring exhibit smooth motion and have an integrated gear drive.

APPLICATION This measuring device uses state-of-the-art electronics and custom designed computer programs to provide the fast and accurate measurement of Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) screen features, either automated or manual.

SOLUTION A standard ring offers extremely smooth motion without the integration headaches most ring bearings cause. Only six drilled and tapped holes are required for mounting.  The ring comes with external gear teeth as a standard option.

PRODUCTS USED R76-1033-R360-P Ring Slide,  GV3 Bearing BHJ-54-C,  BHJ-54-E — all from Hepcomotion

YOUR CHALLENGE Your turn! Now, [ download ] our #MotionMonday puzzle for a shot at winning some free BWC swag. Good luck! And no shame if you need a hand — just email us for the answer key: Until next time!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hole Drilling Solution with Hepco Products

Rigidity of Hepco products factor in design of machine [ View FULL PDF Version ]

Challenge: Design an automated multi-head drilling machine to drill 112 holes in aluminum sheets, 126 inches in length, to be used in the manufacturing of semi-tractor trailers. CH Engineering was drilling the holes manually, a very labor intensive task, and with business steadily improving, the customer could not build trailers fast enough.

Application Description: The drilling machine drills successive rows of 112 holes in 126 inch aluminum sheets, operating for one or two eight hour shifts per day. With the possibility of four or five drilling heads operating at the same time, the drill carriage provides 300 lbs. of downward load and a net upward force of 1,000 lbs. when drilling.

Solution: CH Engineering chose the Hepco HDS Heavy Duty Slide System because it provided the rigidity needed to drill the holes accurately across the large sheets. Roller bearing blocks were selected for the drill carriage assembly to provide better load capability and absorb the every day pounding or usage. The X axis is powered by a servo motor with drive shafts. Shaft-type pinions are mounted to each side of the drive shafts enabling it to drive on the geared tracks. Reinforcing rods were installed on the 12 foot Y axis which resulted in approximately 40% higher rigidity and deflection of less than .002 inches across the entire Y axis. Since the shop floor is not level, the customer was delighted with these results. The Y axis is also servo motor driven to the geared track. The entire machine, secured to the shop floor, is mounted to a machined base to provide the needed accuracy.

Products Used: HepcoMotion® HDS Heavy Duty Slide System
( HB25 beam, Single edge “V” slides, Flat tracks, Roller bearing blocks, Pinions )

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Monday, July 12, 2010

LoPro® Easily Adapts to Print Technology / Compact, Accurate and Repeatable

Challenge: The customer needed a slide system to move a print head into printing position. The slide system had to be both accurate and repeatable. In addition, it had to be compact, durable, and cost effective.

Application Description: Digital Print, Inc. manufactures high-speed electronic variable data printing systems to print sequential bar codes, sequential numbers, jumbo numbers, highly variable text, and graphics on tickets, tags, labels, statements, forms and direct mail.

Solution: The undriven LoPro solved the problem. The size 2 was compact and the wiper wheel plate gave it a nicer look which was easily adapted to the print head. The LoPro system proved to be the best and most cost effective solution for the application.

Products Used: Undriven LoPro with wiper wheel plate

What is LoPro? These unique linear actuators are based on proven DualVee bearing technology for smooth, quiet motion over long lengths. Your actuation options include AT series belt, ANSI roller chain, lead screw, and ball screw. Non-actuated versions are also available. These tough linear actuators are a cost effective, low friction, low profile modular solution, built to handle a variety of operating environments (see video demonstration on our YouTube channel).  Learn more about LoPro systems and accessory options which include wheel/wiper plates, gantry systems and mounted/unmounted options / HERE /

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History: Bishop-Wisecarver During the 60s

1962: A patent is issued for Saf-T-Sta. Later that year, Bud moves W.R. Wisecarver & Company from Cowell, CA to Pittsburg, CA.
1967: Bud Wisecarver and Ray Bishop merge their companies.
1968: Bishop-Wisecarver purchases property in Pittsburg, where the company is still located today. Out of frustration with current technologies, Bud begins toying with Vee wheels. He designs DualVee guide wheels, which remains the company's signature product, while watching an Oakland Raiders football game. Bud also designs and builds the Radius Machine for box spring manufacturers during 1968.
1969: Bishop-Wisecarver constructs the office building in Pittsburg, and purchases Madewell Manufacturing Company, a producer of insecticide sprayers.

Kids Get Excited About Mechanical Engineering

Bud Wisecarver, American Toolmaker, inventor of DualVee and founder of Bishop-Wisecarver, spoke with students at a high school summer camp at Diablo Valley College (June 2010). The five day program focused on engineering, manufacturing and construction. Today, teenagers met with companies and colleges for advice and guidance on pursuing a career in these industries.

Friday, July 2, 2010

DualVee Bearings Replace Outdated Technology

Suad Bajric of Mississauga, Canada WON the 2010 Creative DualVee Application Video Contest. In celebration of the company's 60th anniversary, Bishop-Wisecarver was looking to discover and award the most creative mechanical application designed using DualVee linear guide wheels. Check out his creative application!