Monday, July 12, 2010

LoPro® Easily Adapts to Print Technology / Compact, Accurate and Repeatable

Challenge: The customer needed a slide system to move a print head into printing position. The slide system had to be both accurate and repeatable. In addition, it had to be compact, durable, and cost effective.

Application Description: Digital Print, Inc. manufactures high-speed electronic variable data printing systems to print sequential bar codes, sequential numbers, jumbo numbers, highly variable text, and graphics on tickets, tags, labels, statements, forms and direct mail.

Solution: The undriven LoPro solved the problem. The size 2 was compact and the wiper wheel plate gave it a nicer look which was easily adapted to the print head. The LoPro system proved to be the best and most cost effective solution for the application.

Products Used: Undriven LoPro with wiper wheel plate

What is LoPro? These unique linear actuators are based on proven DualVee bearing technology for smooth, quiet motion over long lengths. Your actuation options include AT series belt, ANSI roller chain, lead screw, and ball screw. Non-actuated versions are also available. These tough linear actuators are a cost effective, low friction, low profile modular solution, built to handle a variety of operating environments (see video demonstration on our YouTube channel).  Learn more about LoPro systems and accessory options which include wheel/wiper plates, gantry systems and mounted/unmounted options / HERE /

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