Monday, July 12, 2010

History: Bishop-Wisecarver During the 60s

1962: A patent is issued for Saf-T-Sta. Later that year, Bud moves W.R. Wisecarver & Company from Cowell, CA to Pittsburg, CA.
1967: Bud Wisecarver and Ray Bishop merge their companies.
1968: Bishop-Wisecarver purchases property in Pittsburg, where the company is still located today. Out of frustration with current technologies, Bud begins toying with Vee wheels. He designs DualVee guide wheels, which remains the company's signature product, while watching an Oakland Raiders football game. Bud also designs and builds the Radius Machine for box spring manufacturers during 1968.
1969: Bishop-Wisecarver constructs the office building in Pittsburg, and purchases Madewell Manufacturing Company, a producer of insecticide sprayers.